Monday, May 5, 2014


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Sam  & the 5th grade Math Team  recently took 1st place in a Math Field Day Competition!.
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Sam & Soccer-"Perfect Together"!

No "Lion", Snuggling is one of Sam's favorite activities!

In today's Blog, I'm continuing the  tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Yesterday, May 1st, was my grandson Samuel Christian's 11th birthday! "Sam", whose name means "Integrity", has a life verse of; "To practice righteousness and justice is more acceptable to The Lord than sacrifice," Proverbs 21:3. Walking this verse out must be challenging at times for Sam, since he is the youngest brother of 3 older sisters! Yet, according to his mother Jenny, he is a real "Prayer Warrior", & loves snuggling with family members. Sam is also quite "Tech Savvy", & has even shown his Pop-Pop a thing or two on the computer! I hope Ewe come to appreciate Sam as much as I do!
Sam, is the youngest of 4, & has a real "Tiger" in his tank!
Don't mess with my LEGOS!
I'm not "LION" to EWE! Sam loves "striped" candy!

First,"Faith" in God is definitely a solid part of Samuel Christian's foundation. Sam is a real 11 year-old Prayer Warrior! He has a prayer cloth from Israel that he carries with him to bed. As part of his evening prayers, Sam prays for protection over his mind while he's sleeping. These prayers help him to rest peacefully & Jesus keeps his thoughts positive & free from nightmares! He also sings his favorite song from church called,"Roaring Like a Lion"! Sam was voted "Clubber of the Year" in AWANA for his age group, & his favorite memory verse in AWANA is John 3:16 .

Prayer Changes EWE!

This "Prayer Warrior" happens to be Sam's favorite color!

Prayer really works "PURR"TY GOOD!
 Next, Samuel Christian loves the typical activities of a young boy. He admires the Super hero Spiderman, who fights against evil in the world, & he has enjoyed playing with his Spiderman "Stuff" when he was younger! His favorite play activity is building things with his Legos! Sports are another of Sam's interests, especially SOCCER , which is a sport that both of his parents excelled in. I guess Ewe might say that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"!

When playing soccer, Ewe must start out SLOWLY!
Sam gets a "kick" out of  Hippos playing soccer!
Ewe really "Have a Ball" playing soccer! It sure beats Trunk or Treat!
Sam knows Ewe can't be " Chicken" when it comes to playing soccer! 

Third, Sam likes school & is a very bright & interested student. He enjoys Reading & P.E. & is extremely talented in Math & Technology! He gets a lot of his skills from his parents Jenny & Nick, who are both Tech whizzes! Sam is also very kind to his classmates & has a very "tender" spirit.
Sam participates well in his class!

Did EWE know that P.E.class keeps EWE "on the run"?

When it comes to using Technology, Sam doesn't "Monkey" around!
Getting calls at Soccer games really gets Sam's "Goat"!

Finally, Samuel Christian loves his family! At home, Sam really enjoys playing with his sister Alyssa. He watches very little TV , but prefers using his vivid imagination to create a variety of things with Legos! Samuel Christian also enjoys playing cards with his Grammy & Pop-Pop, & swimming in the family pool with his sisters! Sam is also fortunate to have a large family of aunts & uncles, that brings him Lots of Joy! For Sam, life at "11" is Sweet!

Sometimes the water in the pool is "Too Cool"!
Sam's kindness helps make family life more fun!

Sam likes sharks, as long as they're not in his family pool!
SWIMMING sometimes helps Sam escape from his Sisters!

It's always Good to have a "TIGER in Ewer Tank" while swimming with family!

 Sheep that are managed by a loving Shepherd are healthier & happier! He daily meets all their needs, which results in a more peaceful family life.

Strong families can change both a community & a nation!
Did EWE know that "Loving" Shepherds lead sheep to real LIFE?

As Ewe follow the path that the Good Shepherd has for Ewe today, be encouraged!  God is at work in the lives of young people, like Samuel Christian, teaching them to love God, to love their family,  & to pray like warriors for their world!

 "But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4:18
Last year,Sam's "9th" Birthday has "BALLOONED" into something really "SPECIAL!

Thank EWE Sam for Ewer Kindness & Compassion!


  1. Hey Dad!! I love it!! I dont know what happened! We all left 3 comments yesterday and they are no where to be found!!!
    ANyways...thank you so much for doing this amazing blog!!! You put so much time and research in and it is sooo good!!! Sam loves it and so does all the other kids!!! They especially love all the pictures and captions and videos!!! Great job!!! Sam was cracking up!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jenny for the encouraging words! I'm so glad Sam liked it! God Bless EWE & keep doing what Ewe & Nick are doing with the kids! They are all SPECIAL!

  2. Great Job Papa Bear! Ewe really captured Sam in this post!!! Thanks so much for taking the time!!!

    1. Ewe are welcome Nick! I hope Sam enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Thanks to Godly parenting, Sam has a real future & a Hope!! Thanks for commenting & God Bless EWE!

    2. EWE are WELCOME! Check out Sam's picture,from this morning, at the end of the BLOG! Thanks for Commenting & God Bless EWE!

  3. THANKS DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Sam Loves it too and all the pictures!!! Thank you for taking the time to do a BLOG for all the kids!!!!!!!!