Friday, September 28, 2012

RescEWE 911

Sheep at times find themselves in rather precarious situations. After a severe storm in northern Iceland, dozens of animals were left trapped in the snow. One farmer, Elín Baldvinsdóttir, found her sheep huddled together under 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) of snow.

Holy Rescue, Batman, how did Ewe find us?
Search and rescue teams have been assisting farmers in rescuing their snowbound animals, despite the inclement weather of the Icelandic snowstorm.

"Ewe  really got a hold on me!"
 The sheep in this situation got "in a little over their head," before a Wales firefighter took 40 minutes to complete the rescue! 
Would ewe please leave? I need some alone time! 
The sheep in this predicament was caught in a torrent of flood waters before being rescued & brought safely to shore.

Thanks! I knew I should have taken swimming lessons! 
This UK sheep was the victim of a swollen river & required "Extra" help to safety!    
"Didn"t ewe realize we have a '2 for 1' Special this week?" 
This sheep had fallen onto a cliff  before an 8 hour rescue could be completed.
Ewe have no idea how happy I am to see ewe! It's been a real Cliffhanger! 

This sheep stumbled into a manhole & found itself somewhat limited in its options.

 Can ewe at least try & understand why I'm a little "Up-tight"?
This lost, helpless lamb, is afforded some hope as a rescuer uncovers his hiding spot. 

Do ewe have any warm stew?
Whatever difficulty ewe will face today,ewe can be confident that the Good Shepherd is watching out for ewe & will rescue ewe!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not At Home On The Range


Some sheep have a propensity to wander regardless of the good conditions they live in. 

" They call me the wanderer, they call me the wanderer..."

Independent, determined, & having superior knowledge, these sheep are on a mission. First, they are on a mission to find better food.

"I never liked eating what my mom put on my plate"

Next, they are on a mission to find more sophisticated play areas.

This looks like fun!  Oops, Baaa..d choice!

Finally, these sheep are on a mission to find new friends....sometimes"Big, Baaaad friends" which aren't the best companions.

Ewe are not seeing double...Halloween is just early this year!
They finally have reached the end of their proverbial rope & find
themselves "boxed-in" & entrapped by their foolish choices.

Please don't stare,I feel baaa.d enough!

Enjoy the freedom that the Shepherd offers today! Blessings!

"If the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed." John 8:36

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Takes all Types!

Journey through life, & Ewe will be sure to encounter a smorgasbord of "Personality" types.  

Ewe can give me the "BAAAD" NEWS,! I'm all EARS!

The"Black Sheep," known for their tendency to rebel, are the first to object, argue, refuse, and are often seen running in the opposite direction of the rest of the flock.

"Did Ewe see the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause?"

The "cool cats" ward off intimacy and criticism by attempting to impress the flock with their superiority. 
"Are ewe feeling Lucky? Go ahead & Make my Day!"
The "Fiercely Independent" can "take or leave" the rest of the herd, and prefer to "go it alone" whenever possible. They keep others at a distance by projecting the image that they are doing perfectly fine on their own.  

One is not the loneliest number! Have ewe heard my favorite song, "I Did it My Way?"

 The "Class Clowns" use humor to avoid conflict and are masters at deflecting "serious talk" by keeping things light at all times. They provide the flock with plenty of laughs and entertainment.

Lighten Up! When ewe smile, the whole world smiles with ewe!

The "Intellectual" is constantly seeking more knowledge and is passionate about educating EWE about things EWE didn't think EWE needed to know. When in doubt, ask the expert!

Here's a News Flash!My brain's smarter than Ewe-r brain!

  Finally, Ewe have the, "Image Is Everything" type. Always hip and trendy, they tend to gravitate toward impressing others with "things" and rarely expose what lies beneath the surface. Outward appearance is everything!

No, this wasn't accidental. Haven't EWE 'herd'? 'Color mismatching' is all the rage this Fall.

Whatever personality types are in Ewer midst, it's best to remember that we are all still Sheep in need of a Shepherd!

Keep it simple! I just want to be a sheep,"Baaah, Baaaah!"

The Good Shepherd created all types of Sheep. We all need Him and each other. Look to Him & rejoice, as He guides & directs Ewe today!

"Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another."
Romans 12:10

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ultimate Sheepdog

Shepherd will sometimes employ assistance in caring for the Sheep. Meet JESS, The Ultimate Sheepdog!

"Some kids just need to be Bottle Fed." 'Hurry!' "My mouth is tired!"

The 10-year-old Springer Spaniel loves to help out in her own special way. She has been trained from an early age to nurture orphaned lambs.

"Come on Lamb Chop, suck it up!"
  Owner Louise Moorhouse, who farms on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon, said that Jess enjoys carrying things around in her mouth. Besides bottles, Jess also carries all sorts of feeding buckets for her flock of Sheep.

"Here, take this bucket. EWE are looking a little Pale!"
She said: "Jess has been around Sheep all of her life and she is not at all frightened of the large ewes."

"So many lambs,so little time!"

Their relationship has become SO close that the Sheep even give her belly rubs, which she loves!

Will ewe stop it! I can't stomach this much longer!
True love for your fellow Sheep births in the Shepherd, a desire to both serve & sacrifice on behalf of the flock. It also initiates an intimacy in relationship that is like no other!

"This is why I live. I really love EWE!"

As Ewe start out Ewe-r day, recall the love & care The Shepherd displays for Ewe. Be at peace, for Ewe-r in good hands!

"We love Him because He first loved us."
I John 4:19

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild Things Matter!

DO EWE know what it FEELS like to be "ON TOP of the WORLD"?
Bighorn Sheep live life in the wild & have some very interesting habits. 

Are EWE talking about ME?


IF EWE HAVE to KNOW, I'm meeting with the guys to watch the L.A. RAMS play!

The males, or rams, live as bachelors for most of the year, apart from the females, in small groups of Four or five. Life at the bachelor pad is good, and the rams get along quite well with one another.

I WONDER WHERE are all the GUYS Meeting?

Until mating season hits. 

Now it's Every Ram for Himself, as each sharpens his horns & prepares for war!


LET me give EWE a "HEAD'S UP"! I'm going to be NUMBER 1!

They pair off, rear up & then Charge each other at 20 miles per hour!

This contest continues for up to 25 hours until a winner emerges. 


Females primp and gawk as they prepare for their mating ritual, which will mostly consist of chasing "Mr. Dominant" away!
I can hardly wait to play hard-to-get!
The male has a strange way of flirting, and will sometimes attempt to "kick-start" the dating game by kicking the female, hoping to initiate a chase.

Remember ladies , let's stick together & chase these rams out of here!

After the mating ritual concludes, a ewe will give birth to a lamb that's able to stand after a thorough 20-30 minute licking. This licking, called "owning," both protects the lamb by drying it & also establishes a bond of ownership between mother & child.

I'm living proof that EWE can "take a licking & keep on ticking!"
Although Bighorn Sheep live in the wild without a Shepherd, their Creator equips and enables them to survive, even in spite of THEIR "Peculiar" HABITS!

 WE MAY BE WILD, but WE know we're LOVED!!
Wherever you choose to graze today, rest assured that Ewe-r Creator has given you everything you need to survive and thrive
Happy Trails!

"Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee."
Jeremiah 31:3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Uniquely Sheep!

Sheep were all created with their own unique look! 
"I know what Ewe-R  thinking, but I'm suffering from an 'underactive thyroid'!"

Sheep have many unique designs. The Sheep below was born with 4 HORNS!
I'm not one to BLOW my own Horn, but Some Days EWE are UP, & some Days Ewe are DOWN!

This Wagir sheep is very rare, with only 1000 pure-bred in existence worldwide. It's long floppy ears & pure white coat are something to behold!

My Profile & large "Floppy" Ears make me worth a Million Bucks! 
This animal is a six- month-old Texan ram known as the "Deveronvale Perfection". A "Guinness Book" world record holder in 2009, it was purchased by a very happy Scottish farmer for a whopping $369,000!

Oh Lord, it's HARD to be HUMBLE!

Dreadlocks are unique to the Wesleydale Sheep of Yorkshire. It is one of the largest & heaviest sheep breeds, & grow long, ringlet-like locks of wool in their distinct hair.

"I Think Dreadlocks give EWE one 'Baaa...d' look!"

  The Karakul Sheep of Central Asia Are distinguished by their double coat of wool. They are also known for their ability to survive in harsh conditions.
"Have EWE seen the show 'Survivor'?"

Tartan Sheep of Scotland are an Unusually "colorful" tourist attraction. 

"Ewe know that we must  be the 'Envy' of many sheep's eye!" 

Bleu du Maine Sheep of France sport a distinctively bald head with a grey-blue face.

"Did ewe know know that 'Bald is Beautiful'?"

Racka Sheep of Hungary are  known for their unusual spiral-shaped horns that grow up to two feet

"Ewe have to believe that my story has a distinct 'Twist'!"

As EWE relish some of the "Unique" designs of the sheep world, meditate today on how distinctly EWE were created. Thank God & Celebrate that Ewe are a One of a Kind Design!

"I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

Friday, September 21, 2012

I "Herd" About EWE...

Adult female sheep are known as ewes...

Ewe can call me "EWE" male sheep are known as rams...

The Dynamic Duo at EWE-R Service.We're not from St. Louis!

"Mutton-up Lamb Chop & concentrate on the race!" 

...and their offspring are lambs.

Mommy, Daddy, and baby actually prefer sticking close to the other sheep in their flock.

Do Ewe Know the song "Happy Together?"

When the Shepherd is leading, following the herd is a safe bet.
When he's not, well...

How about EWE? 


My Sheep hear my voice & I know them & they follow Me.