Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who is Kylie Nicole?

We all have a "Baa...D" case of "Puppy Love" for Kylie!

Dogs are Kylie's BEST FRIENDS!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing my (not so)"New" tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Yesterday, Nov. 19th , was our granddaughter from California,  Miss Kylie Nicole's birthday! Kylie, whose name means, "Woman of Distinction", is now 14 years old, & is distinctive in many ways! As Ewe will see, Kylie is very motivated to do her best at whatever she attempts. She is very active, so hold onto Ewer hats, & get ready to enjoy getting to know one of the sweetest young ladies ever!

I'm AMAZED at how Kylie doesn't "Monkey" around when it comes to SCHOOL!
I know Ewe are as SHOCKED as I am to watch Kylie "ACE" Math!
We are two of Kylie's favorite animals!
First, let's take a look at what Kylie's name, a "Woman of Distinction", means. Webster defines distinction as; " a mark or sign of special recognition or honor." This is a very fitting description of Kylie & of her approach to life. She distinguishes herself by giving 100 percent to whatever the task is at hand! For example, in school, Kylie especially loves & excels in Reading, Science, & P.E.! Art, Music, & Computer are also a few of her favorite subjects. Kylie is an excellent learner & student, who loves learning about God's world!

"Little House on the Prairie", is one of Kylie's favorite books to read!
I personally prefer the book "Swiss Family Robinson"!
Wait for Kylie to appear on "Face"-time! She'll show us what to do!
Bright Yellow is one of Kylie's favorite colors!
Next, Kylie also enjoys participating in team sports in school, as well as in  her local community. She absolutely loves Soccer & Gymnastics, two sports in which her versatility is "distinctively" demonstrated. She is always determined to do her best & to leave everything she's got on the field in order to help the team. Kylie  was injured this past season & had to have surgery on her knee! Though going to "Rehab" & using crutches were, to say the least, very "challenging", yet she persevered & continued to support the team by helping with "stats"! This is exactly what Ewe would expect from a "Woman of Distinction"!

Kylie has a real "Ball" playing soccer & really gets a "KICK" out of it!

Last season,Kylie enjoyed hanging out with & playing on a championship soccer team!

Ewe know that Kylie realizes that life has many "Twists & Turns"!
Kylie enjoys riding bikes, scooters, & rollerblading with her friends.
Ride On, Kylie, Ride On!
Kylie goes HOG-WILD over SOCCER!
Church & Awana have been other sources of inspiration in which Kylie Nicole wears a badge of distinction! She absolutely loves worshipping God & memorizing Scripture! Singing praises to God along with her church group is the highlight of her week. Going to summer camp, & learning more about the love of Jesus, is another way for Kylie to strengthen her faith in God & her relationships with her peers.

Kylie & Connor at AWANA, letting their shirts say it all!

At church, Kylie learns how to reach-out & help others!
In Awana, Kylie learns the value of building up her spiritual muscles!
Kylie also learns about how to be a "Godly" lady, which doesn't "Bug" her at all!
Finally, Kylie learns about becoming a "Woman of Distinction" in her wonderful family. She enjoys being the oldest child in a very "ACTIVE" family! She is kind hearted & compassionate, & sets a good example for her younger brother, Connor. She enjoys laughing & singing either at home, or on the road, with her family. Whether it's swimming, dancing, learning a musical instrument, going to the park or to the movies , It's all "Good", as long as they get to do it together!
KYLIE SPENT Christmas 2016 at a Family Reunion in TN!

Kylie & Connor serving Mom "Breakfast in Bed"!Family "Rocks" for Kylie!
Kylie likes to "Tickle the ivories" with her dog nearby to liven up the evening!
Kylie really enjoys learning how to play the guitar, like her Grammy!
Making music with the family is FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!
Sheep also have the privilege of living with a Shepherd that is distinctive above all else! I "herd" there's no better flock to exist in!

I tip my hat to Kylie & to my Shepherd!
I think Ewe have to agree, Kylie is DISTINCTIVE!
God is raising up a generation of young people, like Kylie, for such a time as this! Give thanks to the Good Shepherd, Who's doing the work in their lives!

"I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1 (Kylie's life verse)

Come on now, let's HOP to it! Give it up for Kylie!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Colorful "Change" Points!

These "Love Birds" will "Brighten" up anyone's jungle!
The Autumn leaves have magnificently colored our world over the last month , & have captured another aspect of God's beautiful creation. The bright colors are a stark reminder that another season has passed by, & that "change" is the only thing constant about life! Let's take a peak into the colorful world of nature & how real "change" proves to be beneficial!

"He is intangible and invisible. But His work is more powerful than the most ferocious wind. The Spirit brings order out of chaos and beauty out of ugliness. He can transform a sin-blistered man into a paragon of virtue. The Spirit changes people. The Author of life is also the Transformer of life."   R. C. Sproul
Change can be "RUFF, but sometimes involves looking at life differently!
"Everyone wants to change, but change demands desire and discipline before it becomes delightful. There is always the agony of choice before the promise of change." Larry Lea

Education can  "Purr-ty" much change Ewer views on life!
Chameleons are a great place to start when examining "colorful" changes in the world of nature. By controlling their cells, called   chromatophores, they can change their color.These cells can be a variety of colors, such as black, blue, brown, white, yellow, or red. These colors are blended to produce many different shades. These changes in the creatures occur mostly due to the creatures' need for
camouflage, or a change in temperature & level of excitement.

"If you feel stuck, bring your whole self to Christ, not just the problem, but you. Ask God to change your heart. Commit yourself to pray to that end. It's God's heart to give good gifts to His children." Sheila Walsh

Have Ewe ever heard the expression,"Ewe become like who Ewe are with."?

"When in Rome, act like the Romans!" Ewe just have to Blend!
Camouflage is a great way for a "Goliath" spider to catch a snack.
A host of other creatures also have the ability to "change" their appearance for survival purposes. Ewe can spot them either on land or under the sea, but Ewe must have good eyes, for they are very cleverly camouflaged!

"God can change our circumstances, but sometimes He waits for us to show real desire for change as well as our faith in Him."    Anne Graham Lotz 

SHH! I don't want anyone to know I'm here!
The operative word here is "BLEND"!
I look like a dead leaf which is why they call me a "Dead Leaf Mantis"!
Now Ewe see me, now Ewe don't!
Nature has a way of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary ! We see this when we observe a caterpillar change into a beautiful butterfly.Let's take a peek at some more of His rather "colorful" creations.

"Prayer has mighty power to move mountains because the Holy Spirit is ready both to encourage our praying and to remove the mountains hindering us. Prayer has the power to change mountains into highways."     Wesley L. Duewel

I'm feeling a little "Blue" about my appearance! How do Ewe like it?

I enjoy "Horsing" around & playing "Hide & Seek"!
Honestly, I didn't get a spanking! EWE are just jealous!
I can't face another person who asks me if I had my face painted!
Sheep have also been created with a colorful variety of breeds around the world. It's another reminder of the fact that they are each uniquely designed by the Good Shepherd!
How do Ewe like my uniquely twisted horns?
Ewe know I'm just "DYEING" to tell Ewe about my new coat!
As Ewe travel through Ewer day, observe  all the beauty around Ewe. Give Thanks to Ewer Awesome, Creative Father, who also created Ewe as a "One-of-a-kind" DESIGN!

"In the beginning, God created the heavens & the earth." Genesis 1:1

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who is Aaron James?

I might be "sticking my neck out", but Aaron is crazy about Giraffes!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing the "Not-so-New" tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Today, Nov.14, is Aaron James' 11th birthday, & he is another unique Michigan connection. Aaron, whose name means "God's Radiant Light", is just that to his family, shining on a daily basis. According to his mother Kerry, he is a ball of  "intellectual" energy, with a keen & extremely "inquisitive" mind. He's the "Animal-'Professor' expert" of the family, that I hope Ewe come to appreciate as much as I do.

Aaron loves Cheetahs because of their phenomenal speed at 64 mph!
Aaron is fascinated with our ability to hunt our prey swiftly!
My pursuit of dinner is both "Fast & Furious"!
First, Aaron James loves learning! He is a very "inquisitive" child, with "tons"of questions about animals & life itself. Webster defines "inquisitive" as:" inclined to ask many questions or seek information; eager to learn." One example of an Aaron question is; " Why does a hurricane have an eye & not an ear?" Aaron's Mom is simply amazed at his tremendous thirst for knowledge about animals, faith, & nature.

Aaron loves dogs & the "delicious" licks they give!
 Aaron Loves Crawling things, like Lizards! 
Spending time outside with his dog is very relaxing for both Aaron & his dog.
Next, Aaron James loves the "OUTDOORS"! While in nature, Aaron's "piercing blue eyes" absorb everything "Nature" has to offer. Bugs, birds, squirrels, snakes, lizards, & frogs are all on the menu! The park is, in particular, his favorite place to go. God has so many wonderful things to observe there & so little time to do it. He presently cares for a dog, a cat, a pair of "Bearded Dragons," & some "Zebra Finches"!
Aaron having some "EQUEST" FUN!

Aaron loves riding Horses, just like his Mom!

Aaron loves riding horses & likes trotting the best.
Aaron's love of nature makes me want to dance!
Aaron sees spiders as another of God's "outdoor" treasures!
Aaron takes Great care of me! He even trims my beard!
Zebra Finches & Aaron make great Lifelong Partners!

Third, Aaron James loves learning in school! He has a been gifted with a photographic memory. This gift really enables him to be an outstanding speller! He also enjoys Reading, Math, & Computers. Aaron is also fond of Drawing, Art, Music, & just being Creative! He often uses his vivid imagination in the world of "Minecraft"!

Aaron enjoys listening to Music as a way to "Chill"!
I adore Drawing & Painting, just like Aaron!
Aaron & I love to Create Pictures.
Finally, Aaron James loves his family! At home, Aaron is able to learn about the meaning of what true Love is! Whether it's playing with his brothers, particularly John, or watching movies with Mom & Dad, Aaron James enjoys his life. Church & Sunday School are also important to him, & he really enjoys praying. Aaron also has the distinct title at church as the "Sugar thief of the Coffee Station"! I think Ewe will agree with me, that Aaron James truly has lived his 11years of life "Outside the Box"!

Aaron Loves "Snuggling" with his MOM!
Aaron would enjoy a swim with a not so "imaginary" giraffe!
Peregrine Falcons are Aaron's favorite!  They dive at 200 mph!
Each sheep that is created has it's own "Uniqueness", & also bears the thumbprint of the Almighty imprinted upon it.That's why
it's viewed as a "One-of-a-Kind" design by the Shepherd!
Like I tell Aaron, Ewe just have to be Ewer-self!
Living the Life of a Lamb ROCKS!
AARON is up to something "FISHY"!

Ewe know that Life goes by really fast, & only what's done for Christ will last! Thanks Aaron James, for the reminder to live our lives "inquisitively", & learn everything the Shepherd is teaching!

"But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4:18 (Aaron's life verse).   
Guess who likes Bearded Dragons? Ewe are Right! Aaron & his brother John!