Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sheep Talk!

Do Ewe ever wonder what sheep would talk about if they could speak our language. Let's attempt to construct this scenario on a typical farm. Follow the captions to discover what's on their mind. Hopefully, this won't turn into a "Baa...d " idea !

"Mommy, is it time to eat yet?" "I'm starving!"
"Life on this farm in Iceland couldn't be better, warmer, but not better!"
Sheep are gregarious animals which make them easier to care for. Most sheep like grazing with other sheep & do recognize familiar faces. They probably discuss what's most important to them while they gather. I'm convinced that food, shelter, living conditions, & the kids are all fair game for their talks!

"The Shepherd gives us food!" "This lush pasture is delicious!"
"We attribute our healthy look to our loving Shepherd!"
The Shepherd's job is to meet the sheep's basic needs, so that they can relax & maybe even become playful! The Shepherd loves seeing happy sheep.

"Even though I'm 'Different', I feel 'Accepted' by the flock & by the Shepherd!"

"Anyone up for a Snow Cone?" "Oh, how I love playing in the snow!"
"I take my 'Hat' off to the Shepherd!" "He even cares about my 'Head' cold!"
"As Ewe can see from my outfit, I'm 'well-groomed' by the Shepherd!"

 Sheep are very nervous animals & are startled by the least little sounds. Their excellent hearing is always alert to the danger that may lurk in their fearful worlds. The Shepherd is the only calming influence in their lives! When He is present, their contentment & security is restored!
"Harriet, don't Ewe feel safer with the Shepherd here?" "Ewe bet I do!"

"I got put in the 'PEN' for biting!" "I know I deserved it!" "Can't wait to get out!"
"If it wasn't for that Shepherd, I would 've had myself a delicious lunch!"

Sheep under the thoughtful care of a responsible Shepherd find a peace & freedom unmatched  anywhere on the planet! This new freedom  enables them to raise their kids in an environment that has a bright future & many rewards! 

"I love my new home!" "Thanks Mom, for loving me!"
"Growing up on the farm is Great!" "We all have each other & the Good Shepherd!"

Sheep might say the craziest things, if only they could talk! They have a great life under the awesome care of the Good Shepherd!

"Ewe have to Believe!" "The Shepherd is the Best!"
As Ewe graze in Ewer pastures today, it's comforting to know that the Good Shepherd is providing excellent care for Ewe!

"Surely goodness & mercy will follow me all the days of my life, & I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." Ps.23:6

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fast & Furious!

Cheetahs have the distinct honor of being the fastest land animals on the planet. At top speed, these cats motor at an average of 64 mph! They use this speed in a hunting maneuver known as the "chase-trip-bite ". When cheetahs are in pursuit of prey, they stalk it until an opportune time for a "surprise-attack". They attack & it takes approximately 10 seconds to secure the catch, by tripping it with their only sharp claw on their front paw, the dewclaw. They bite the throat of the prey to suffocate it & complete the maneuver.
Catch me if Ewe can!
I dare Ewe to try & outrun me!
Cheetahs need to be swift in their capture of prey. They are not built very strong , in comparison to lions, & must not stir up a cloud of dust while hunting, or they will draw the attention of bigger predators that will steal their prey. They quickly gorge themselves to avoid trouble with hyenas & lions, which would gladly relieve the cheetah of its meal.

Feeding my family is tough in this economy!
I will track Ewe down & eat Ewe!

I'm an Olympic runner , so Ewe might as well give up!
Cheetahs belong to the Felidae family, & are regarded the smallest of the big cats. They can't roar, however, do hiss, growl, whine, & use chirping, birdlike calls to communicate. Cheetahs are known for their famous "tear marks" in the corner of their eyes. They sport solid black spots on a backdrop of yellow or tan fur. Their coloring helps to camouflage them in the grasslands of Africa. They also have 4-6 rings at the end of their tails. Some researches believe that the "tear marks" assist the cheetahs in their fighting off the glare during their daytime hunting.

I'm really crying because it's dangerous holding onto ewer prey!

Stealth makes Wealth!
Cheetahs are presently on the endangered list. The female has a litter of 3-5 cubs, which stay with "Mom" until they are about 18 months. She protects them & teaches them how to hunt prey. They
grow to 44-53 inches long, with a tail of 26-33 inches in length. Adults will weigh from 86 - 143 lbs. They eat small to medium size animals & rarely climb trees, but prefer low hanging branches.

Cubs chase each other & accuse one another of being a "Cheetah"!
  Sheep are in a different category altogether than cheetahs. They're the "hunted" rather than the "hunter"! They must rely on their trusty Shepherd to protect them from predators.

Why Worry, Be Happy! Trust in the Shepherd!
Life sometimes speeds by very quickly, almost as quickly as a cheetah! Take time today to slow down & smell the "roses" that the Good Shepherd has placed in Ewer midst!

"Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". Luke 12:32

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vivacious Vision!

How valuable is having keen eyesight? For sheep, it's a matter of life & death! If they fail to see the predator approaching, then it will probably be the last mistake they ever make, before becoming a predator's meal! Sheep need an extra set of eyes looking out for them, primarily to avoid the scenario I just described. Let's take a peek into the importance of sheep having a second pair of eyes.

Have Ewe ever seen such a magnificent EYE?

Do Ewe think these glasses make me "Stand-Out"?
If the truth were to be told, Sheep have very poor eyesight, & can't depend on what they see to keep them from danger. They rely more heavily on their sense of hearing, as well as on the Shepherd's alert ability to see for them! He is equipped to watch out for his sheep!

Don't Ewe worry, because I'm "Looking-out" for EWE!
Supplying each member of ewer herd with glasses is just impractical!
In the world of nature, the Golden Eagles are known for their keen eyesight, as well as many other outstanding features. However, it's their eyesight that wins the day for them.Their ability to spot prey from high altitudes, enables them to capitalize, using the element of surprise, & diving at speeds of over 150 mph in their capture.Wow! Not bad for a bird weighing from 6-15 lbs., & having a wingspan of 6 - 7.5 feet!

"Peek-a-Boo, I eat Ewe"!
It's time for our Lunch date!  I'll be picking up the tab!
The Golden Eagle is N. America's largest bird of prey, & is also
Mexico's national bird.They are powerful birds of prey, that use extremely swift speed, sharp talons, & keen eyesight, to seize fish
 squirrels, rabbits, birds, & even full grown deer. Golden eagle pairs are known to hunt a territory spanning 60 sq. miles, & stay together as mates for several years.They build huge nests in cliffs & in high trees, where females lay 1-4 eggs. Both parents incubate the eggs for 40-45 days, & an average of 1 or 2 survive. The chicks are in the nest for about 3 months, before leaving for their new life .
I know that I don't look very powerful, but Ewe just wait!

Did Ewe know that most Golden Eagles mate for life!
Sheep are unable to rely on their naturally poor eyesight on a regular basis. Even though their astute hearing assists them in detection of some danger, it's the Shepherd's watchful eye that provides the most security.

Let me help Ewe to see the path Ewe are to walk on.
Show us what Ewe see & which way to go!
 As Ewe travel on life's path today, recall the keen vision of the Good Shepherd, & follow His lead. Happy Trails to Ewe!

"You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Ps.16:11

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A View From the 23rd -Part 3

Psalm 23 is rich with comforting thoughts for a sheep that's interested in following a trustworthy  Shepherd. David concludes the Psalm with some "promising" thoughts about the future.I hope EWE enjoy our last "View From the 23rd"! 
Life is Good & getting Better all the time!

"You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs
over". Ps. 23:5b
I recognize that anything my Shepherd anoints, will mean abundant, overflowing blessing for me! This blessing is to be passed on to those whom He directs into my path.

Anointing with oil, is symbolic of an outpouring of the Spirit!

The Shepherd anoints the sheep one by one!
"Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me All the days of my life " Ps.23:6a

My expectation for the future is only optimistic, because my Shepherd is someone who can be trusted.

Life is Good & getting better under the care of the Shepherd!

Did Ewe know that Trust is a beautiful thing?
"And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever". Ps. 23:6b
I have firmly decided where my residence will be. I choose the   Shepherd's dwelling as my dwelling! That's where I want to be!

I know I will be fed in the House of the Lord!

My Bags are packed & I'm ready to go!
Sheep are happiest under the care of the Shepherd. He knows what's best for sheep in every situation.
Life on the farm of the Shepherd is GOOD!

Enjoy the goodness of the Lord this day, as Ewe put Ewer Trust in Ewer faithful Shepherd!

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His Life for the sheep." Jn.10:11

Friday, April 19, 2013

A View From the 23rd - Part 2

King David continues to bring out the richness of His relationship to the Father through the 23rd Psalm. The fact that he was a sheep- herder prior to being selected king, enables David to so aptly describe in the Psalm, his personal relationship to the Father. Let's see what's next on the mind & heart of this Shepherd-boy turned King!

Take a drink  of water that will last FOREVER!
Hanging out with Sheep is not too "BAAA...D"!

 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;" Ps.23:4a
Whatever situation I may face , even the possibility of death, man's greatest enemy, I will not fear. I perfectly trust in Your Love!

Ewe say Ewe are not afraid? Look at these TEETH!

Ewe have nothing to Fear when I am Near!
"For You are with me; Your rod & Your staff, they comfort me".Ps.23:4b
I understand that nothing will ever touch me that doesn't pass
through your Loving Hands! Your Presence is all I need!
Ewe feel Safe & Secure in His Protection!
Let Me Comfort Ewe!

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;" Ps. 23:5a
I know that if You prepare a table before me, no enemy can touch me, because You are there! 
I love Lamb but not when the Shepherd is around!
Feeding with no fear, because our Shepherd led us here!
Come to My table. I know just what Ewe need!
Sheep are very "Jumpy", startled very easily by the "Fear of the unknown". Only the Shepherd's close proximity to the flock is able to restore calm to their fretful hearts.

No Kidding, I'm a "Nervous Ninny" without my Shepherd!
 Fear is something that EWE & I can live without today, as we bask in the truth of His Love for us!

 "Therefore If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed". Jn. 8:36