Sunday, January 18, 2015

Who Is John William?

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John Enjoying some time with his new Ethiopian Friends!

TN FAMILY  Christmas celebration! JOHN LOVES his FAMILY!

John loves TURTLES & the color GREEN!

John is faster than I am at MATH!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing the  tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Thursday , Jan.18, is my grandson John William's 11th birthday! He lives in Grand Rapids, MI, & I'm sure he'll embrace a "Warm" birthday greeting from FL!. "John", whose name means "God's Gracious Gift", has a life verse of; "Bless the Lord O my soul, who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion." Psalm 103:2,4. Walking this verse out is challenging at times for John, since he is the youngest of 4 brothers! Yet, according to his mother Kerry, he is thoughtful,
compassionate, & a real "Peacemaker"! In addition to that, John  has a "Vivid" imagination! John is also quite "Artistic", & has really impressed his Pop-Pop with some of his "Imaginative" drawings! I hope Ewe come to appreciate John as much as I do!

I love talking FROGS with John William!

Three CHEERS for John! He's such a Handsome pollywog!
Check out these 3 Funny Frogs , a special Birthday treat for John!

First & foremost, John William has a love for God & his family. He has already stated that he wants his Dad's job as Pastor of the church! He knows that a family that "Prays together, stays together"! Going to church is having a positive affect on John William, according to his Mom, he is very polite & a real gentleman, as he opens doors for his Mom.(even automatic ones)Recently, at a Christmas Family reunion in TN, John demonstrated his compassion, by giving family members "Congratulations" Hugs during a family Bible Quiz match! Last, but not least, he loves playing "Back Alley Bridge" with his Florida grandparents! Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to team up with John William, & our team's name was "Papa John's"! We had Fun, Fun, Fun, & we won the game in the last hand!

Worship is a great way for John William to connect with God.

Seeking Wisdom keeps John's William "HOPPING"

JOHN ENJOYS CARING FOR the pet "Bearded Dragons"!

Second, John William has a real desire to do his best at school! He enjoys Math, & really enjoys Art & using his "Wild" imagination!He also loves exploring animals & has loved reading stories to his  "adopted" brother Evan. He is currently enjoying reading the "Percy Jackson " series in school!His creativity can also be observed in his love of baking!

Drawing doesn't at all  take a "BITE" out of John William's day!

John William knows that "Readers make Leaders"!

John William loves to "Ham it up" in the kitchen!
 Finally, John William is 100% Boy! He loves fishing, catching frogs, & playing as the Superheroes Frogman & Color Ninja, a supreme martial arts warrior!He also loves animals & has even used his imagination to become "Jonathon, the Golden Retriever"! I think Ewe will have to agree, that John William is one SPECIAL young man," Fearfully & Wonderfully made"!

"Jonathon" the Golden Retriever, doing what he does best!

John William knows that Ewe don't want to mess with a MASTER of martial Arts!
Ewe know that it would be a real "Stretch" to mess with me!

Sheep have Shepherds that supervise all their growth & development. Each sheep is unique & is loved & cared for by a loving leader, just as John William is cared for by his loving parents.

Stay close to Momma, because Ewe know I love each one of EWE!

 I "HERD" that Sheep have a Loving Shepherd to oversee them.

As Ewe follow the path that the Good Shepherd has for Ewe today, be encouraged!  God is at work in the lives of young people , like John William, teaching them to love God, to love their families, & to fight like warriors for their world!

"But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4:18
John William is holding his brand new cousin "Sawyer" at a "Birthday" Party!
As Ewe can see, John is a "Bear-y" GOOD BOY!
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John & his Dad recently went to ETHIOPIA on a Mission Trip!


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