Thursday, October 31, 2013

Promising for Sheep-Finale!

Do Ewe Like my "Expensive" million dollar profile?
In Psalm 23:5, David  revealed how much preparation is necessary for the Shepherd, prior to the summer trek to the highlands. Besides removing poisonous plants & opening up healthy drinking water, he also must treat the flock for the devastating effects of summer insects & parasites. By applying an oil, tar, sulfur, & spice mixture, the sheep are able to experience some needed relief! David now concludes Psalm 23 with some very "Promising" thoughts about the future of sheep. He indicates that sheep that have the Lord as their Shepherd, will not only have all their needs met on a day to day basis, but will also have a "Promising" future & dwelling that will be "just heavenly"!

"If God can bring blessing from the broken body of Jesus and glory from something that's as obscene as the cross, He can bring blessing from my problems and my pain and my unanswered prayer. I just have to trust Him."    Anne Graham Lotz   

My Future looks Bright!
I'm sticking close to the Shepherd & EWE, Mama!
"Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me All the days of my life;..."Psalm 23:6

David ends the Psalm on a very hopeful note.The sheep that have the Lord as their Shepherd will have "Goodness" & "Mercy" following them all the days of their lives! Now that's a "Promising" future for EWE & me, if we are being pursued by "Goodness" & "Mercy" all the days of our lives! Wow! In good times as well as trying times, we know that our Shepherd loves us, & that nothing touches us that doesn't pass through His competent hands. He will use all things to work together for our good & the good of others! In addition to that, His "Mercy", or "undeserved kindness", is "following" &"pursuing" us, actually chasing us down all the days of our lives!

"I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right."
Billy Graham
I feel '"GOOD" about Goodness chasing me!

Pardon me , but Mercy is following me!

"And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
 forever."   Psalm 23:6b

David ends Psalm 23 on a very positive note. The sheep that have the Lord as their Shepherd have a bright future! After traveling the paths that the Shepherd has laid out for them, the sheep are happy to return to the "Homestead"!They all agree that the Shepherd has the best "ranch" in the land! No one else could care for them better than their Shepherd. He has fed, protected, doctored, & even
guided them like no one else could. Why would they ever want to live anywhere else?

After a hard day scrambling to find your way around in the world, it’s assuring to come home to a place you know. God can be equally familiar to you. With time you can learn where to go for nourishment, where to hide for protection, where to turn for guidance. Just as your earthly house is a place of refuge, so God’s house is a place of peace.
Max Lucado -
Sheep that stay the closest to the Shepherd enjoy a life that is truly satisfying, & a future that is "Out of his World"!

Life is Good on the Shepherd's ranch!

We are walking securely in step with the Master!

As Ewe graze on the pasture the Lord has for Ewe today, enjoy the peace that comes from closely following Ewer Shepherd. "Green Acres" is the place to be!

"I came that they might life, & have it more abundantly." John 10:10

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  1. A Fabulous "FINALE", designed especially for EWE! Enjoy & God Bless EWE!