Friday, October 4, 2013

Who is Andrew Charles?

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Drew congratulating Alan on his recent H.S. Graduation!

DREW & ALAN on a family trip to the GRAND CANYON!

Drew loves Lizards & tries to catch them wherever he goes!
In today's Blog, I'm continuing the tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. October 1st is our Michigan connection, Andrew Charles' 17th Birthday! Andrew, whose name means, "Strong & Enduring", prefers to be called "Drew"! His Mom describes Drew as a "ball of energy", with a heart of compassionDrew, who describes himself in one word as "Interesting", has a diversity of interests, & is known as the "Social Butterfly" of the family! I hope that Ewe will come to appreciate Drew as much as I do, as we take a closer LOOK into his life.

Drew loves Cats & Music! " Another One Bites the Dust"!
Drew laughs often, which can become contagious!
First, as a "Ball of Energy", Drew loves to go exploring on all kinds of adventures! Whether it's searching for spiders, lizards, or bugs, hiking on trails, or camping with the family, Drew's motor is always running! As a matter of fact, "Adventurous" is a great descriptive word for Drew! Webster defines "Adventurous" as: "not afraid to do new and dangerous or exciting things." This spirit can, however, produce both good & possibly dangerous outcomes.

"This is What We're Talking Bout!"
Some discovery treasures must be approached "Cautiously"!
Now this is a" DREW" spider!
 Second, Drew's adventurous spirit, along with his heart of compassion, have also appeared in his faith. About 7 years ago, Drew had the opportunity to go on a "Mission Trip" to Haiti with his Mom & some other church members. After raising his own support, Drew's compassion was on full display, as they ministered to a number of orphan children! He is presently an "Avid " church  volunteer at the "Mission Café", serving to raise funds for under-privileged families! As a matter of fact, Drew would like to pursue the ministry as one of his life's goals! Pretty adventurous ambition for a 17 yr. old, who has previously served as the "Pastor of Announcements".
Joy comes from helping those who can't help themselves!

Drew loves "Big Cats" & is in hot pursuit of the ministry!

Third, Drew is also the "Social Butterfly" of the family. He's very engaging & loves interaction with people. Whether at home, in school, or in Haiti, Drew enjoys being with people. He's very easy to talk to & shows a real concern for the less fortunate. He's also the "Life of the Party" at home, always making mealtime more "interesting" for his Mom, Dad, & brothers. This unique quality also appears "On Stage", as Drew has appeared in leading roles in his school's plays! Last year he appeared in "The Sound of Music" as Captain Von Trapp, & he really did "Sing"! This year he is performing in a production outside of school called, "Little House on the Prairie", in the role of the "Dad", Mr. Charles Ingalls!

Drew enjoys seeing "Tears" turn into "Cheers"!

Did Ewe say it was "MEALTIME"? NO SUGAR , PLEASE!

I can't Believe Ewe think I'm a "SOCIAL BUTTERFLY"! What would  give Ewe that idea?

Fourth, Drew also enjoys a "Diversity" of interests! Playing the Drums for the worship band is something Drew really enjoys! It doesn't at all surprise me, since his Dad started out at the church as a "Worship" Pastor. Drew also enjoys lifting weights & playing GOALIE in Soccer, which I'm sure he really gets a "KICK" out of! He also enjoys running TRACK & CROSS COUNTRY, & has made some Awesome progress running the 800m, the same race as his Uncle Jon!

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DREW celebrating an award-winning performance with his teammates from Potter's House!

Drew got an early start in his Love for RUNNING!

 There's no "Snout about it" in Drew's mind! DEFENSE helps win games!

Bodybuilding is very "UPLIFTING"!

Finally, Drew is a young man with an abundance of enthusiasm! He's enthusiastic about God, His people, family, Children's Church, Art, Soccer. Math, Reading, & a host of other of God's creations! His heart of compassion was recently observed by his Mom on his last birthday. For his birthday gift  4 yrs. ago, he wanted to go out to dinner with his Mom, so that she could enjoy some "alone time" away from the house! I'm so happy to have Drew as a part of my life!
Did Ewe know that one of  Drew's favorite animals is the Hippo? 
Life with Drew is a "Ball"!
I think that Ewe would agree, that the Key for Drew is "Balance"!
Sheep benefit from "Enthusiastically" following the Shepherd on the adventurous trails that he has planned for them.

Ewe know life is not too "Baaa..d"! The Shepherd always knows what's best!

"Brace" Ewer-self  for a Great "17th" Year Adventure!
As Ewe travel on the path the Shepherd leads Ewe on today, Rejoice that the Good Shepherd is guiding Ewe. He is also working in a new generation of young people, like Andrew Charles, to lead His flock into the new adventures that lie ahead.

" But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles; They run & not be weary; They shall walk & not faint." Isaiah 40:31( Drew's life verse.)

Drew "Hanging -Out" with his Cousins at a 2016 TN Christmas Reunion!

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DREW holding his newest cousin, Verona, at our 2019 TN Family Reunion!

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY DREW! Relax & Enjoy!


  1. thank ewe papa sooooooooooooooo much for making my birthday a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ewe are Welcome, Drew! I'm so HAPPY Ewe had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God Bless EWE & Enjoy being a "13" year old TEEN "ANGEL"!