Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who is Kylie Nicole?

We all have a "Baa...D" case of "Puppy Love" for Kylie!

Dogs are Kylie's BEST FRIENDS!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing my (not so)"New" tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Yesterday, Nov. 19th , was our granddaughter from California, Miss Kylie Nicole's birthday! Kylie, whose name means, "Woman of Distinction", is now 15 years old, & is distinctive in many ways! As Ewe will see, Kylie is very motivated to do her best at whatever she attempts. She is very active, so hold onto Ewer hats, & get ready to enjoy getting to know one of the sweetest young ladies ever!

I'm AMAZED at how Kylie doesn't "Monkey" around when it comes to SCHOOL!
I know Ewe are as SHOCKED as I am to watch Kylie "ACE" Math!
We are two of Kylie's favorite animals!
First, let's take a look at what Kylie's name, a "Woman of Distinction", means. Webster defines distinction as; " a mark or sign of special recognition or honor." This is a very fitting description of Kylie & of her approach to life. She distinguishes herself by giving 100 percent to whatever the task is at hand! For example, in school, Kylie, especially as elementary & middle school student,  loved & excelled in Reading, Science, & P.E.! Art, Music, & Computer are also a few of her favorite subjects. Kylie is an excellent learner & student, who loves learning about God's world!

"Little House on the Prairie", is one of Kylie's favorite books to read!
I personally prefer the book "Swiss Family Robinson"!
Wait for Kylie to appear on "Face"-time! She'll show us what to do!
Bright Yellow is one of Kylie's favorite colors!
Next, Kylie also enjoys participating in team sports in school, as well as in  her local community. She absolutely loves Soccer & Gymnastics, two sports in which her versatility is "distinctively" demonstrated. She is always determined to do her best & to leave everything she's got on the field in order to help the team. Kylie  was injured the year before this past season, & had to have surgery on her knee! Though going to "Rehab" & using crutches were, to say the least, very "challenging", yet she persevered & continued to support the team by helping with "stats"! This is exactly what Ewe would expect from a "Woman of Distinction"!

Kylie has a real "Ball" playing soccer & really gets a "KICK" out of it!

Last season,Kylie enjoyed hanging out with & playing on a championship soccer team!

Ewe know that Kylie realizes that life has many "Twists & Turns"!
Kylie enjoys riding bikes, scooters, & rollerblading with her friends.
Ride On, Kylie, Ride On!
Kylie goes HOG-WILD over SOCCER!
Church & Awana have been other sources of inspiration in which Kylie Nicole wears a badge of distinction! She absolutely loves worshipping God & memorizing Scripture! Singing praises to God along with her church group is the highlight of her week. Going to summer camp, & learning more about the love of Jesus, is another way for Kylie to strengthen her faith in God & her relationships with her peers.

Kylie & Connor at AWANA, letting their shirts say it all!

At church, Kylie learns how to reach-out & help others!
In Awana, Kylie learns the value of building up her spiritual muscles!
Kylie also learns about how to be a "Godly" lady, which doesn't "Bug" her at all!
Finally, Kylie learns about becoming a "Woman of Distinction" in her wonderful family. She enjoys being the oldest child in a very "ACTIVE" family! She is kind hearted & compassionate, & sets a good example for her younger brother, Connor. She enjoys laughing & singing either at home, or on the road, with her family. Whether it's swimming, dancing, learning a musical instrument, going to the park or to the movies , It's all "Good", as long as they get to do it together!
KYLIE SPENT Christmas 2016 at a Family Reunion in TN!

Kylie & Connor serving Mom "Breakfast in Bed"!Family "Rocks" for Kylie!
Kylie likes to "Tickle the ivories" with her dog nearby to liven up the evening!
Kylie really enjoys learning how to play the guitar, like her Grammy!
Making music with the family is FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!
Sheep also have the privilege of living with a Shepherd that is distinctive above all else! I "herd" there's no better flock to exist in!
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Kylie is "Distinctively" feeling "On Top" of things in sunny CA! Happy 15th Birthday to EWE, Kylie!

I tip my hat to Kylie & to my Shepherd!
I think Ewe have to agree, Kylie is DISTINCTIVE!
God is raising up a generation of young people, like Kylie, for such a time as this! Give thanks to the Good Shepherd, Who's doing the work in their lives! Happy 15th Birthday to EWE, Kylie!

"I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1 (Kylie's life verse)

Come on now, let's HOP to it! Give it up for Kylie!


    LOVE U!!
    KYLIE :)