Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who is Aaron James?

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Aaron with his cousins at the TN Family Reunion this Summer!

I might be "sticking my neck out", but Aaron is crazy about Giraffes!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing the "Not-so-New" tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Today, Nov.14, is Aaron James' 14th Birthday, & he is another unique Michigan connection. Aaron, whose name means "God's Radiant Light", is just that to his family, shining on a daily basis. According to his mother Kerry, he is a ball of  "intellectual" energy, with a keen & extremely "inquisitive" mind. He's the "Animal-'Professor' expert" of the family, that I hope Ewe come to appreciate as much as I do.

Aaron loves Cheetahs because of their phenomenal speed at 64 mph!
Aaron is fascinated with our ability to hunt our prey swiftly!
My pursuit of dinner is both "Fast & Furious"!
First, Aaron James loves learning! He is a very "inquisitive" child, with "tons"of questions about animals & life itself. Webster defines "inquisitive" as:" inclined to ask many questions or seek information; eager to learn." One example of an Aaron question is; " Why does a hurricane have an eye & not an ear?" Aaron's Mom is simply amazed at his tremendous thirst for knowledge about animals, faith, & nature.

Aaron loves dogs & the "delicious" licks they give!
 Aaron Loves Crawling things, like Lizards! 
Spending time outside with his dog is very relaxing for both Aaron & his dog.
Next, Aaron James loves the "OUTDOORS"! While in nature, Aaron's "piercing blue eyes" absorb everything "Nature" has to offer. Bugs, birds, squirrels, snakes, lizards, & frogs are all on the menu! The park is, in particular, his favorite place to go. God has so many wonderful things to observe there & so little time to do it. He presently cares for a dog, a cat, a pair of "Bearded Dragons," & some "Zebra Finches"!
Aaron having some "EQUEST" FUN!

Aaron loves riding Horses, just like his Mom!

Aaron loves riding horses & likes trotting the best.
Aaron's love of nature makes me want to dance!
Aaron sees spiders as another of God's "outdoor" treasures!
Aaron takes Great care of me! He even trims my beard!
Zebra Finches & Aaron make great Lifelong Partners!

Third, Aaron James loves learning in school! He has a been gifted with a photographic memory. This gift really enables him to be an outstanding speller! He also enjoys Reading, Math, & Computers. Aaron is also fond of Drawing, Art, Music, & just being Creative! At a recent Christmas Family Reunion, Aaron composed & directed the entire "Christmas Story" to the Delight of the entire family!!He also often uses his vivid imagination in the world of "Minecraft"!

Aaron enjoys listening to Music as a way to "Chill"!
I adore Drawing & Painting, just like Aaron!
Aaron & I love to Create Pictures.
Finally, Aaron James loves his family! At home, Aaron is able to learn about the meaning of what true Love is! Whether it's playing with his brothers, particularly John, or watching movies with Mom & Dad, Aaron James enjoys his life. Church & Sunday School are also important to him, & he really enjoys praying. Aaron also has the distinct title at church as the "Sugar thief of the Coffee Station"! I think Ewe will agree with me, that Aaron James truly has lived his 14 years of life "Outside the Box"!

Aaron Loves "Snuggling" with his MOM!
Aaron would enjoy a swim with a not so "imaginary" giraffe!
Peregrine Falcons are Aaron's favorite!  They dive at 200 mph!
Each sheep that is created has it's own "Uniqueness", & also bears the thumbprint of the Almighty imprinted upon it.That's why
it's viewed as a "One-of-a-Kind" design by the Shepherd!
Like I tell Aaron, Ewe just have to be Ewer-self!
Living the Life of a Lamb ROCKS!
AARON is up to something "FISHY"!

Ewe know that Life goes by really fast, & only what's done for Christ will last! Thanks Aaron James, for the reminder to live our lives "inquisitively", & learn everything the Shepherd is teaching!

"But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4:18 (Aaron's life verse).   
Guess who likes Bearded Dragons? Ewe are Right! Aaron & his brother John!
Image may contain: 13 people, including Kathy L. Woods, Nick York, Jenny York and Chuck Woods, people smiling, people sitting and child

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