Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Cyber" Space!

Picturing that "Perfect" gift is sometimes not EASY!
Cyber week has once again descended upon us, & sales are up from last year! Cyber week has become a recent phenomenon & a new trend in shopping during the holidays. It offers the opportunity to shop conveniently, without having to leave the comfort of home. The thought of not having to deal with crowds, travel, etc., is really quite appealing to some!

Shopping at home always makes me hungry!
  I must say that ordering from my phone is not a "BAAAA...D" idea!
Why not shop?  I'm always "on" my phone anyway!
Some Sheep are somewhat resistant to engaging in this new way of shopping. Sheep are creatures of habit! Using the computer is very difficult for some of the older generation to accept. We all know that "Creatures of Habit" are very "Resistant" to Change!
I just don't think that Ewe can trust computers!
Do I look like I'm "Tech-Savvy" to Ewe?
I told EWE! I don't want to talk about it!
They continue to shop the old-fashioned way & are stubbornly proud of it! Besides, they neither have the time nor the interest in learning how the computer works.They prefer the "hustle & bustle" of the malls & performing in "Flash Mobs"!
Ewe have to be there to appreciate it!
We're still eating left-overs! Who's got time for shopping!
Being the first to find the bargains  makes shopping a "BREEZE"!
The younger generation of sheep has to led the charge into the new technology. They are taught computer skills in their local schools & pick it up quite handily. So much so, that they run circles around their parents & grandparents & their generations!

Technology has taken me to new "HEIGHTS"!
New technology is "Purr"- ty easy , once Ewe get the hang of it!
 EWE just have to "DOGGONE" study up on it!
Whether in Cyber Space or in the Mall, the Christmas season always presents its challenges each year. Whether it's finding the "Perfect" gift, the "BEST" bargains, or the "NEWEST" gadget on the market, both old & young must carve out some "time" to shop. Fortunately, for the older generation, Ewe still can, "teach an old dog some new tricks"!

"I-HOP" is my favorite restaurant to "GNAW" in, while out shopping!
EWE must see the gift bargains they have at "PET-SMART"!
I absolutely Love & Devour  "ON-LINE" shopping!
Each & every sheep is uniquely created with it's likes & dislikes. Thankfully, the Shepherd knows, loves, & understands each of us!
I know exactly what I want when I go Shopping for a gift!
My Shepherd helps me to find all the hidden "Treasures" when we shop!
As Ewe graze on Ewer pasture today, enjoy Ewer-distinctiveness-, as a "One-of-a-Kind-DESIGN"! Ewer Shepherd is watching over Ewe as EWE seize the beauty of this season! Happy Trails!

"I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm139:14

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