Sunday, December 8, 2013

Who is Ayla Grace?

AYLA attending Church with her "Favorite" Neighbor!

AYLA really gets a KICK out of playing DEFENSE!!

Guess Who's  a 15 yr. old "TEENAGER"? Ayla likes Jaguars the best!
I run as fast as I can to get to AYLA! She's "PURR-TY"!
In today's Blog,  I'm continuing my (not so)"New" tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. December 9th is our granddaughter from Fort Myers' birthday, Miss Ayla Grace. Ayla, whose name means, "God's Oak Tree," & she will be "16" years old, & is like "Solid Oak" in many ways! As Ewe will see, Ayla is very determined to stand as "firm as an Oak" at home, at church, in school, or in the community. Let's take a peek into this sweet young lady's life & I hope Ewe come to appreciate her as much as I do!

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
Mario Andretti

Ayla & I have liked each other ever since I got my STRIPES!
No Lion! I get a "KICK" out of hanging out with Ayla!
As EWE can see, I just "FLIP" over AYLA!
First, at home, Ayla loves taking charge in the kitchen! She loves to cook & bake her famous "chocolate-covered pretzels"! Her Mom describes her as compassionate, helpful, & very witty. She helps her siblings with their homework, runs errands for Mom in the neighborhood, & brings a great deal of laughter to the family! Ayla's determination & gifts are helping her to make a "Solid as an Oak" contribution to her family. 

Ayla Loves "Hanging" out with her Aunt Belen & sisters!

Ayla loves her Family! (Especially at "Family Reunions"!

Ayla enjoys running errands on her bike, for her Mom, to the neighbors!
Did Ewe know that Ayla loves to Cook & Bake? Her Chocolate-covered pretzels are the BEST!

My MOM taught me everything I Know!

Next, at school, Ayla's sheer "Determination" enables her to stand firm & strong as "God's Oak Tree",  regardless of the challenges that she is presented with. Webster defines "Determination" as; "a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult." This is a very fitting description of Ayla & of her approach to her responsibilities!  Whether it's Reading A.R., & achieving the status of "Double-Millionaire", (2,000,000 words) or being nominated five years ago for the prestigious "Dr. Ben Carson Scholarship",(honoring academics) Ayla is determined to do her BEST! This year, Ayla is attending  her second year of "High School", & is  "ready" for a new set of "Challenges"! Academics are a priority to Ayla, & she works very diligently to do her best & compete at the Top of her Class!She enjoys Reading, P.E., playing piano, running Cross Country, Computer, playing Soccer, & experimenting with Science!

AYLA was recently recognized for outstanding achievement on her Science Project!

Ayla likes Lizards, especially those that can play music!

AYLA likes to "TICKLE the IVORIES"!

Even though it's "RUFF", she became a "DOUBLE MILLIONAIRE"!
Ayla is not "OFF HER ROCKER" for wanting to STUDY so hard!
Third, in the community, Ayla is determined to be the best player she can be on her community sport teams! She works well with her teammates, exhibits outstanding sportsmanship, & plays rock-solid ("God's OAK TREE") defense in soccer! As a matter of fact, last year she was selected to play on a "Competitive" soccer team, & Ayla loves it! She is actually following in the "footsteps" of her former "Soccer Star" parents!

 Ayla has a real "Ball" playing soccer & is not "CHICKEN" to play!
Ayla has to defend against some BIG opponents!
Ayla doesn't "Monkey" around when it comes to DEFENSE!
Finally, at church, Ayla continues to demonstrate herself as being determined to be "God's Oak Tree"! She is very active in her faith, & has participated in the "AWANA" program at church. She also really treasures memorizing Scripture, & her favorite verse is John 3:16! Ayla also enjoys attending church VBS programs in the summer, as well as Sports' Camps.( even when visiting her cousins in CA) She has a very compassionate heart , which expresses itself  by helping those in need whenever possible! This past summer, on July 4th, Ayla & her sisters & cousins got baptized! It was an exciting event that I had the privilege of participating in! Ayla's terrific work ethic fuels her desire to do her best for the Lord , not only at church, but also in whatever she does!

"Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you."  Denis Waitley
Ayla enjoys listening to worship & praise music!
Ayla "Hops" to anyone in need of a helping hand!
Ayla enjoys drinking in the "milk" of God's Word! 
Sheep live a well-balanced life under the care of their watchful Shepherd. They enjoy the benefits of being loved by their Shepherd!

Ewe have to believe me, I got Ewe covered! 
Ayla is well loved, just like we are!
Enjoy grazing in the pasture the Shepherd leads Ewe to this day, knowing that He has everything under control! He is training a whole new generation of  lambs in the flock, & Ewer future looks brighter than ever, especially with Ayla Grace in the fold!   

"Be strong & take heart, all you who hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24 (Ayla's life verse)

Ayala celebrated last Christmas with her cousins in TN!



  1. Great job describing one of my favorite people :)

    1. Thank Ewe Anonymous! She's one of my favorite people as well! She's an amazing young lady & I'm truly blessed knowing her! Thanks for commenting & God Bless EWE!

    2. Thanks Jenny! I hope Ayla likes it ! She's a special young lady & it was fun putting the blog together for her! Thanks for commenting & tell her I Love her! God Bless EWE!

  2. Great job dad!!! Ayla will love this! Cant wait to show her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great Job Papa Bear!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! Jenny's right, Ayla loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Nick! Ewe have a special girl in Ayla ,& I'm thankful for the training that Ewe & Jenny are giving her! Ewer hard work as "Sowing" parents is "Reaping" some fruitful crops! God Bless EWE & thanks for commenting! Love EWE both!

  4. Hi! This is Ayla! Thank you sooooo much for writing a blog about me! I loved it! Especially all the pictures!

    1. EWE are welcome ,AYLA! I'm so glad EWE liked it! It was lots of fun blogging about my special "Snuggle Bunny"! God Bless EWE & keep living for JESUS! I Love EWE "GOD'S OAK TREE"!