Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?"

As we continue examining the theme of character, I want to introduce Ewe to David Livingstone, a dedicated & courageous missionary to Africa. He was fueled by a burning belief that African people were better suited to minister to their own people, than the English were. He dedicated the rest of his life toward that end, boldly exploring where no missionaries had gone before.

Ewe have to fight for what's important to Ewe! Stand Ewer Ground!
David Livingstone was born to a poor Christian family in Scotland, on March 19,1813. After studying medicine in 1840, he traveled to South Africa with a London Missionary Society. Upon arriving at the mission, he shared his vision about training Africans to preach to their own people. He argued that, "when their own people tell them about Jesus, they see the truth". The mission board didn't agree, so he raised his own money & got permission to start a mission at Mabotsa, a mere 200 miles into the interior.

I love Africa & its people! I fought against slavery for many years!
Livingstone worked 3 months building the new mission,  excited along with his friends & an African teacher named Mebalwe. One day, people came from a nearby village, terrified because lions were attacking their livestock. Livingstone & Mebalwe agreed to go & help them. After shooting a lion, it attacked both men & injured them quite severely. He was bitten in the shoulder & shaken like a ragdoll. Livingstone was very thankful to be alive, & was only able to supervise the work at the mission while in recovery.

Ewe were attacked  because Ewe broke my # 1 rule! Do not disturb my meal!

The Holy Spirit is a Master Builder of Character!
Livingstone needed additional medical attention, so he went back to headquarters to recover further from his injuries. I think I might have gone all the way home, but that's why I'm writing about his character! The nurse who assisted him was Mary Moffat, daughter of the mission director & famous Bible translator Robert Moffat. God had an unusual way of introducing husbands & wives, but still very effective!
Follow me & I will take Ewe places Ewe never dreamed of!

David Livingstone took 3 expeditions into the interior of Africa, exploring, sharing God's Word, & fighting the horrors of human slavery. On his last expedition , he sought to find the mouth of the Nile river, but was unsuccessful. For years he was not heard from. As a result, the New York Herald sent a reporter, Henry Stanley, on an expedition to find him. After 7 months of searching , he finally met Livingstone with the famous greeting, " Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?" Before returning, Stanley joined him on an expedition.

I started with 2000 men & finally found him with only 54 men!
Henry Stanley tried arduously to convince Livingstone to return to England, however, Dr. Livingstone replied, "Africa is where my heart is. I love the people" When he died 2 years later, his 2 friends, whom he'd rescued from slavery 20 yrs. earlier, buried his heart beneath a tree in Africa, before sending his body back to England.
We stick together like peanut butter & jelly. That's dedication!
In the world of nature, We see this same dedication in the life of the Grizzly Bear. It is virtually impossible for Ewe to come between a mother Grizzly & her cubs! She is dedicated to their safety & care!

We are free to explore!  Ewe don't want to mess with our Mama!

I'm their Mama! Do Ewe have any questions?
Sheep also experience this same dedication from their Shepherd. If one sheep is missing , the Shepherd will search for it tirelessly until it is found. Shepherds understand how much sheep need them!

I'm so glad I found Ewe. Ewe are so precious to me!

As Ewe  live life today,  know that Ewer Good Shepherd is dedicated to Ewe. He's even more protective than a Grizzly, because Ewe are so precious in His eyes !

 For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Is. 41:13

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