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"Savages Redeemed"!

Orangutan mothers, in addition to the Grizzly, also illustrate the character quality of Sacrifice. As Ewe recall, Webster defines Sacrifice as: "destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else." We have observed how Sacrifice was modeled in the life of the mother Grizzly bear, willing to die rather than let anything happen to her cubs! In the world of nature, the Orangutan mother also illustrates this rare character quality of Sacrifice.

We stick together like peanut butter & jelly!
 Orangutan moms are all about Sacrifice. Before the baby is even born, they are busy preparing a nest some 99 ft. in the trees. Once the baby is born, mom is the baby's sole source of its needs. Moms are their chief source of food, transportation, care, & support. Infants are very dependent, only weighing 3 lbs. at birth, toothless, & practically hairless! Moms say good-bye to their own lives for the sake of the baby's. Now that's a picture of Sacrifice!
Ewe need me, Oh, Ewe need me, Oh, how Ewe need me!
 Jim Elliot , Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Ed Mc Cully, & Roger Youderian all gave their lives in an attempt to reach the Auca Indians, alias, Savage Stone-Age Killers! Fortunately, that's not the end of the story. The incident grabbed national attention & sparked a rash of  renewed interest in missionary work. Life magazine even did a 10-page spread on the tragedy, informing the public about the lives & work of the missionaries.

The team sacrificed their lives & were martyred by 10 Waodani warriors. 

Auca Indians solved any dispute by spearing the individual!
 The death of he 5 missionaries left widows & their children fatherless. Elisabeth continued her work at the mission with the Quechua for 2 more years with her 10 month old daughter Valerie. They lived with 2 Huaorani women who taught them the Huao language. One of the woman, Dayuma, returned to the tribe of her husband's killers & opened the door for Elisabeth & Rachel Saint to live with the tribe, along with her daughter Valerie. So, in October of 1958, they continued the mission of her slain husband's team.

Living among the tribe opened up new doors of opportunity!

This movie told their story on the "Big Screen".

While living among her husband's killers, Elisabeth was able to continue sharing in the vision of her husband & his team. She was able to see this savage tribe be transformed by the power of God's love! Upon returning to the states years later, she wrote the book, Shadow of the Almighty, which told of commitment & faith in God's sovereignty & grace. Her willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel was bearing fruit in the Auca tribe.

Elisabeth with Valerie after Jim's death.

A beautiful story of faith & reconciliation.
Nate Saint's sister, Rachel, stayed with the Auca tribe until her death & was buried in Ecuador. Prior to her death, she was able to witness the evangelization of the Auca tribe, firsthand. She saw the Gospel of Mark translated & published in the Auca language. She also had the privilege of seeing Kimo, an Auca pastor & one of the killers, baptize Steve & Kathy Saint, Nate's children. God had used their sacrifice to bring salvation & the ultimate reconciliation.

God's love works miracles! Kathy Saint is baptized by one of her father's killers!
Rachel lived out her days with the Auca people.

Unlike missionaries, sheep have very poor vision, even though they do see in color. They rely heavily on their sense of hearing, the herd, & their Shepherds, to survive.

I may have poor vision, but I sure am Good Looking!
As Ewe live life today, walk with the knowledge that God's power can help reconcile even the most difficult of relationships. If there's any doubt, look at our Shepherd,these missionaries, & the Aucas of Ecuador!

" For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."
Mt. 6:14

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