Tuesday, January 15, 2013

X-Men & Chariots on Fire!

Courage is another trait that is we will examine this month as we continue our examination of character. Courage is defined by Webster as: "the attitude of facing & dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it." This trait can be seen in the world of nature in the Wolverine! 
Ewe can huff & Puff all Ewe want, but Ewe are not blowing my house down!
Wolverines have such a voracious appetite, that they were given
the binomial name Gulo, gulo, which is derived from the Latin word gulo , which means glutton. Its powerful jaws & razor sharp teeth enable it to devour  all of its prey, even the bones & teeth. This fearless animal has a sharp sense of smell & will hunt ewe down once it's on ewer trail. Its courage is well documented, not afraid to even confront a Grizzly over the eating rights to a kill!

Ewe could nickname me "The Shredder", if Ewe dare enter my territory!
Male Wolverines are the largest members of he weasel family & are tough as nails ! The males weigh from 25-55 lbs., are 16 in. tall, & are 31-44 in. long.This ferocious beast will protect its territory & stand its ground versus any intruder. Even X-MEN selected the Wolverine to cast as one of its characters, primarily because of its partially retractable claws & courageous leadership.

So Ewe want to play "Chicken"? Make My Day!
"Wolverine," is a very "Courageous"  name! 

A courageous individual I'd like to highlight is the missionary & Olympic champion Eric Liddell, alias, "The Flying Scotsman". He was given the name as a result of leaping onto a ferry 15 ft. away from the dock, after finishing a race in China. Eric was born in China to missionary parents from Scotland in 1902. He & his brother Rob were sent to a boarding school in London & would only see their parents & sister every 5 years.
They did a movie about my life called, "Chariots of Fire"!
Eric & Rob were very athletic & excelled at the boarding school. Eric had great success, & was extremely fast, in spite of his unorthodox running style. His father hoped that sports wouldn't  
replace God as #1 in Eric's life. He got his answer in 1924 ,when Eric was the Brit's best hope for a gold medal in the 100 & 220 m. races in the Paris Olympics.. Eric refused to run the 100m, because it was scheduled on a Sunday. He was severely criticized , yet courageously stood firm!

God is #1 in my Heart! He helps me to victory!
On the Sunday of the 100 m. race,  Eric was courageously speaking at a Scottish church in Paris about being committed to Christ!  He later had the opportunity to compete in the 400 m. race, which was not his best race. Before the race, a U.S. team masseur handed him a note that said, "In the old book it says,' He that honors me, I will honor'. Wishing you the best of success always." Eric won the race in a world record time of 47.6 seconds! The final score: God 1 Critics 0!

After the games, Eric returned to graduate college a hero!
Sheep are lacking in Courage due largely to their inability to defend themselves. They must rely on a power other than their own, the Shepherd, to courageously fight their battles for them!

Help Ewe know I need someone, Not just anyone, Help!

As Ewe go through Ewer day, walk courageously, enjoying the protection that the Good Shepherd provides. Think of it as a Home Security System that Ewe didn't have to pay for!

 "But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1Cor. 15:57


  1. Thanks Dad...be Bold & Courageous!

    1. Thanks Dan! Ewe Too! Do not tremble or be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go! Thanks for commenting & God Bless Ewe!