Tuesday, February 5, 2013

American Responsibility Bonanza 2!

The American Woodcock is an amazing migratory bird that uses its various assets very "Responsibly". Having only a small frame, the American Woodcock compensates for it by efficiently using its unique eyes, ears, feet, & beak in a world of nature where only the strong survive.

We fly so low that electric wires are our deadliest foe!
The American Woodcock female cares for her clutch of chicks in a  rather responsible fashion. After incubation, she responsibly trains her chicks how to seek food, hide by "freezing", & fly within a five week period of time. She also teaches them how to bring the tasty earthworms up closer to the surface. By beating her wings rapidly on the dry ground, she creates the illusion of a driving rain. When the earthworms sense the vibrations , they will respond by making a beeline for the surface to avoid drowning. Dinner is then served!
Don't Ewe worry my little "chickadees", in 5 weeks Ewe will be out of here!
Don't Ewe admire my Profile? Please don't shoot me!
Peter Cartwright proved to be a fiery example of Responsibility from the early years of our country. His dramatic conversion to Christ & his ability to endure the rigors of a circuit-riding preacher, enabled Peter to be used mightily by God . He boldly shared  the Gospel on the frontier in the early years of our country. Powerful camp meetings revived thousands of men & woman & helped usher in the 2nd Great Awakening.

I can't wait to see what God is going to do!
Peter 's family experienced personal tragedy out on the road one evening, when a tree cracked & crushed their daughter. Although difficult, Peter & his family continued to trust God, even in the midst of tragedy! Peter continued his ministry, preaching over 15,000 sermons, baptizing 12,000 people, & welcoming 10,000 members into the Methodist church in over 50 years of ministry.

God moved in miraculous ways when Peter preached!
 In  later years, Peter became increasingly convinced that slavery was wrong for both society & Christians. He could foresee an eventual church split over the issue. So, in 1823, Peter moved his family to Illinois, which was a free state.  He believed there was less chance of his daughters marrying slave owners in a free state. He became friends with Abraham Lincoln, despite defeating him in 1832 for the Illinois legislature. Lincoln returned the favor over a decade later in 1846, defeating Peter in a Congressional race. Peter died on his farm on Sept.25,1872, at the age of 87 years old. 
I tried to correct some of society's ills through politics!
One responsible life can change the landscape of souls!
Sheep at times get rebellious, & look for a hole in the fence to escape through. Thankfully, they have a Shepherd who goes after them , before they do some serious damage to themselves.

This brings new meaning to the phrase, "Between a Rock & a Hard Place"!
Responsibility bears good fruit in all of our lives. Thank God we have a Good Shepherd to pattern our lives after. Follow the Master!

"For you were like sheep going astray, but now have returned to the Shepherd & Overseer of your souls."  1 Peter 2:25


  1. Way to go Hoss, this is quite a Bonanza,...oh that was the other Cartwright family. Great Story !

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