Friday, February 15, 2013

Who is Alyssa Nicole?

It looks like I started a "New" tradition in doing a blog on Abby Elizabeth Grace, my beautiful granddaughter! So today, I'm going to introduce Ewe to Abby's sister, Alyssa Nicole. I hope Ewe enjoy her as much as I do! She is a bundle of Joy, & has had, at the very least, an extremely "Adventurous" 8 years.

I am Alyssa's absolute favorite Lady!
Alyssa is very helpful to her Mom, just as Ladybugs are to farmers!  
First of all, Alyssa Nicole is a very joyful young lady. Webster defines Joyful as:"Experiencing, causing, or showing joy; Happy."
Alyssa Nicole is the "life of the party" at home, having a sense of humor that keeps her family in "stitches"! Her joy is also contagious at church, where she loves worshipping her God through song!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
It takes Alyssa less muscles to Smile, than to Frown!
Alyssa Nicole Loves Life!
Next, Alyssa Nicole loves to express her Joy through "dancing like a ballerina"! She also enjoys gymnastics, soccer, & swimming. 
Ewe know I Look Good! Just call me Princess!
Expressing Joy to others  keeps Ewe "On Ewer Toes."
Dancing is really "Hip"! Oh, why don't Ewe join me?
Alyssa Nicole also reveals her "zest for life" through outlandish displays of Fashion! Creativity abounds in this hip fashion" diva"!
I Love the material in this outfit! It's " Shear Delight"!
I'm not "pulling the wool" over ewer eyes, Alyssa Nicole loves "colorful" threads.
Alyssa Nicole lives a "Purr"- tee "balanced"life!
Finally, Alyssa Nicole loves her family. She's very obedient to her parents & enjoys spending time with her siblings. Compassionate & kind, she loves spending time with her younger brother, Sam. I think Ewe will all agree, Alyssa Nicole is a "one-of-a-kind" design!
Stretch the Limits of Ewer life- Be Joyful!
Sheep are the happiest when the Shepherd is in close proximity! They know the secret that Alyssa Nicole practices & what the Scripture teaches:" In the presence of the Lord there is Joy forever more."

God is Good! Being around my Shepherd makes me HAPPY!

Joy is the by-product of a heart fully trusting in the Good Shepherd. Enjoy His presence today as Ewe draw near to Him, as his child. 
"Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is my strength." Nehemiah 8:10


  1. Replies
    1. This is so cute.

    2. Very clever Kurt! I think ewe might be near "rock pot-tam-us". Thanks for commenting & God Bless Ewe!

    3. I'm glad Ewe found the Blog Cute, Anonymous! Alyssa Nicole is a joy to all of us & it's been fun sharing a glimpse of her with Ewe! Thanks for commenting & God Bless Ewe!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad Ewe love the Blog, Anonymous! She's a special young lady that is a real joy to love! Thanks for commenting & God Bless Ewe!

  3. Loooove it dad!!!
    I'll show it Alyssa soon!!!!! She wil love it!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoy her! Hope the party goes well & thanks for commenting. Love Ewe & God Bless Ewe!

  4. Thank you so much POP POP!! I loved looking at all the pictures of the animals!!!!!! We all sat around and read it!! My sisters and I were cracking up reading it!! I also like those 8 comments! I am popular! Awesome!!!I love you and Miss you! Can't wait to see you and " I Tie You Tie My Tie TOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
    LOve ALyssa

    1. Ewe are so Welcome Alyssa! I'm so glad Ewe liked the pictures of the animals! I can't wait to see Ewe, too! Ewe must know that Ewe are "Popular" with Grammy & POP-POP & that We Love Ewe! God Bless Ewe & We are looking forward to seeing Ewe soon! I Tie EWE Tie, Ewe Tie My Tie TOOOOOOO!!!!

  5. What a beautiful gift you have just given your little granddaughter through this blog. You showed her in a very cretive way how much she is loved and what an important part of the family she is. She must be dancing on the moon after reading this.

    1. Thanks Dianne for Ewer kind & encouraging words! Alyssa is a blessing in so many ways, & it's wonderful to be able to express this through the Blog! I'm sure Ewe know all about this, being a "Grand"- parent Ewer-self! Thanks again for commenting & God Bless EWE!