Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Tarantulas & Ewe"!

The Goliath  Bird-Eating Tarantula is one "Bad" spider! Inhabiting South America, upon closer examination ,this Goliath emanates the character trait of "Resourcefulness".Webster defines Resourcefulness asfull of resources; able to deal promptly & effectively with problems, difficulties, etc.

I'm a predator that's ewer worst nightmare! (Check me out!)

The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula carries its one-foot diameter frame in a rather stealthy manner. One resource it uses is the element of surprise. This is crucial to its successful hunting. By sneaking up & pouncing on its prey, it then uses its one inch fangs to inject a fatal venom into the unsuspecting victim. No use of webs, no leaps, just one strong pounce & bite! Snakes, insects, lizards, mice, bats, & small birds, Beware!

I have "Lots of Tricks" up my Fangs!
I-inch of pure delight for any takers!  
The Goliath Tarantula also is resourceful in its ability to protect itself ! It releases tiny barb-like hairs from its body when it perceives a threat.. These hairs act as real irritants to the eyes & skin of the attacker. Pretty "hairy" escape plan, don't Ewe think?

I can't chew or tear my prey , but I love to "Slurp" my food!

The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula is resourceful also in the way it digests its food. With its bite, it also injects stomach juices into its victim that "liquefies" the victim's organs & soft tissue. Then, it's Slurpee Time! Ewe can understand why some humans choose to avoid these fuzzy critters at all costs. Anyone looking for a pet?

Would Ewe please come to the "Doctor" for ewer "Injection"!
The last resource available to the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula is its ability to make noise that can be heard up to 15ft. away! It produces a  hissing sound by rubbing bristles on its legs together. Hissing is a good way of warning predators ! Believe it or not, there are some South American people that actually eat "roasted" tarantulas! YUCK! I'll "stick" with marshmallows.

This blue cobalt tarantula is a family relative!
Sheep are not very resourceful when it comes down to protecting themselves. Unlike the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula, all they can do is herd together for protection. They rely on their trusty & resourceful Shepherd to protect, care for, & water & feed them.
I need the Shepherd's help in a "Baaa..D" way!

Celebrate today, with the knowledge that Ewe have a Shepherd that is very "Resourceful", walking beside Ewe at every "twist & turn" of ewer day!

"The Lord is my rock, & my fortress, & my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I trust;..." Ps. 18:2a

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