Monday, March 25, 2013

Pure Navajo Churro!

EWE have to admit that we are a RARE BREED!
The Navajo Churro breed of sheep were brought to North America in the 16th century by the Spanish Conquistadors. They brought the sheep along with them as a source of food & clothing for their armies.

I'm an "OLDIE but GOODIE." & the Navajo LOVE me!

Navajo & Churro-"Perfect Together"
By the 17th century, Churro were popular with both the Spanish settlers in the Rio Grande Valley & the Navajo Indians. The Navajo Indians obtained the Churro through raids & trading. They became very fond of these sheep & they soon became an intricate part of the Navajo economy.
Ewe know that I will last longer than Ewer ordinary sheep!

The Navajo Churro are "Oldies but Goodies" for a number of reasons. First, Churro have  a protective outer coat , as well as a soft underbelly, that are ideal for extreme climates. Second, they are extremely resistant to disease, resulting in a hardier flock to breed. Next, Churro rams are able to grow four horns , which is rare among other breeds. Finally, Churro ewes commonly lamb twins & triplets , producing meats that are leaner with a superior flavor.

 We make Great Pets!


The Navajo Churro, America's oldest sheep,  are very easy sheep to breed. Although their numbers are threatened, they are making a comeback , due largely to organizations committed to protecting their breed. The Churro ewes are fiercely protective of their kids, yet have a good disposition & are very low maintenance.

No "Kidding", being born Navajo Churro Makes me proud!

 I Love EWE! Don't worry, I will Protect EWE!

Sheep have long been "fiercely protected" by their protective Shepherd. The Navajo Churro ewes are a perfect example of how a mother's love forms a bond that's not easily broken.

Navajo Shepherds LOVE their flocks.

FAMILY is Everything to us, if EWE now what I mean!

It's reassuring to know that EWE can travel securely today, confident that Ewer Good Shepherd has Ewer back !

"God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Ps.46:1


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    1. Thank Ewe Anonymous! I'm glad Ewe enjoyed the Blog! Keep Looking Up as Resurrection Day approaches! God Bless EWE!