Sunday, March 17, 2013

Racka Sheep!

The rather unique sheep breed that I want to introduce Ewe to today is the Hungarian "Racka" sheep. This breed is peculiar
for a couple of reasons. First, both rams & ewes both sport long spiral horns. Next, the Racka breed possesses cork screw horns that stand straight up from the top of the head. Mature males have horns that grow up to 2 feet or more while females average 12-15 inches.

Did Ewe know we live in Hungary? Do we look "Hungry"?

Do Ewe know who "Twisted" my horns?
The Racka breed is a very durable breed. Webster defines Durable as: "lasting in spite of hard wear or frequent use; stable; continuing to exist." The Racka have often been described as a "Hardy" animal, & is often used in crossbreeding due to its instinctive ability pass on its "Durability" in its genes. 
We are the Breed with a little different TWIST!

The Racka breed is "STRONG LIKE BULL"!

 The Racka breed is very beneficial to its sheepherders. They produce milk, meat, & a soft, crimpy wool that is sought after by hand weavers. Their low key, quiet disposition, & unique
appearance, all create a high desirability to raise the Racka Breed. 

Try us , EWE will like us!

The Racka breed plays an active role in the Hungarian consciousness, Its wool is used to produce the Hungarian shepherd's traditional clothing. It is viewed by Hungarians as a "special sheep" that can not be matched in the entire world!

We Provide MEAT, MILK, & WOOL! What more could Ewe want"?
Sheep have a purpose & a function in our world. It's the Shepherd's job to lead sheep into fulfilling their purpose here on the earth.

Do Ewe know that we all need Guidance?

The Racka breed of sheep reveals God's creative nature & also gives us ample reason to celebrate our own uniqueness as God's peculiar people. As Ewe travel life's path today, look around Ewe & enjoy the Good Shepherd's "Creativity"!

"We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

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