Friday, March 8, 2013

"Uniquely"- Horned Jacob!

Sheep have many unusual breeds around the world.  One unique  breed  has been named for a Biblical character who may have been one of the earliest selective breeders on record. The character is Jacob & the breed are Jacob Sheep.

I'm usually spotted black & white but variety is nice!

This "Kid" Jacob sticks close by Mama! Notice the Kid's spots?
Jacob Sheep are a unique American breed that resemble the earlier British breeds of lean body types.The Jacob's colorful fleeces and prominent horns are stellar. Both males & females have from 2-6 horns, with males having larger horns, some curling up to 2 feet!

I don't have black & white wool but I'm still Valuable!
Ewe know I'm Ewer Ideal! Just look at me!
The Jacob's ideal fleece of black & white wool is coveted by most weavers. The preferred ratio is 60% white wool to 40% black.
The skin color of the Jacob Sheep corresponds to the wool color. A prime Jacob should look the part. It sports a "badger face", with a white blaze down the front of its face, but a black muzzle & cheeks. The nose, horns, & ears should also be black, along with the hooves, hocks, & knees. The legs should be primarily white!

We have "Biblical" roots dating back to the "Book of Genesis."

Did Ewe know that I'm an "Ideal" kid? (even though I'm in the "Pen")
Jacob Sheep average only100-120 lbs., have a medium grade wool, & remain an aging, & for the most part, in tact breed from years ago. Breeders of these sheep enjoy preserving their heritage, & take pleasure in their Jacob's personalities. Their agility, curiosity, & relative ease in bearing 1 or 2 lambs every spring, add to the delight of breeding this clearly unique breed.

Ewe know God is Good when He gives Ewe a Profile like this!

Sheep have many different breeds with just as many distinctive personalities. Even though there's such a variety of sheep, the Good Shepherd is able to celebrate & embrace their differences.

Ewe know that I love Ewe for who Ewe are!

 Just as Jacob Sheep grow different varieties of wool , so God created each of us as " One-of-a-kind-designs". Celebrate that uniqueness as Ewe interact with those sheep He puts in Ewer path today.

"You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of Him..."1 Peter 2:9a


  1. very nice pictures n content! love your blog!

    1. Thank Ewe, Anonymous! I'm so happy God is using the Blog to bless Ewe! Draw close to Him & He will draw near to Ewe!God Bless Ewe!