Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Passover Lamb Part 2!

The Passover celebration is a significant event in the Jewish & Christian faith. For Jews, it commemorates the "Exodus" & how the "Angel of Death" passed over all of their houses that had "the Blood of the Lamb" on their doorposts. For the Christian, it commemorates how Jesus, the Lamb of God, voluntarily became the "Passover Lamb" for all believers who put their trust in Him.

Did Ewe know that Passover is not my favorite time of year?

Jesus is the Paschal Lamb! No one takes My Life! I lay it down.
The Seder meal has foods that each have their own significance. First, the Matzah , or unleavened bread, symbolizes the Jews' need to leave quickly, unable to bake the bread with leaven. Second, the Lamb & shank bone, reminds them of the blood
sacrifice offered to help them to escape death; Third, the charoseth (also spelled haroset) , a paste-like mixture of nuts, fruits, & sweet wine or honey, symbolizes the mortar used by the Jews in the making & laying of bricks for Pharaoh. The word Charoset is derived from cheres, the Hebrew word for clay.
All food on the plate is symbolic of the Exodus!
The last 3 components of the Seder meal are also rich in symbolism. First, Karpas , a green leafy vegetable, usually parsley, is used to symbolize how the Israelites prospered  under Joseph when they first arrived in Egypt. However, a new Pharaoh came to power & enslaved God's chosen people. This event in the Seder is represented by dipping the Karpas into salt water, symbolizing the bitter tears shed during their enslavement.
It was a "Bitter" turn of events in Egypt!

The Israelites endured 400 years of slavery in Egypt!
The next item on the menu at the Seder dinner is the Maror, or bitter herbs. Maror symbolizes the bitterness of their time of slavery in Egypt & is represented by Horseradish in the Seder meal. The final item in the meal is the hard boiled egg. It is served with salt water, reminding them of the difficulties they endured prior to their journey out of Egypt. The egg is a symbol known universally for new beginnings, springtime, & rebirth. The story of the Exodus is saturated with these hopeful themes.
Slavery is extremely backbreaking labor!

Unfair treatment was a part of the Israelites' daily existence!
The Seder dinner is a beautiful illustration of the redemption of the Israelite people. All the foods consumed at the Seder meal help to connect the Jewish people to very significant historical events. It also points to Christ, the Passover Lamb of the Christians, who has also redeemed a people unto Himself, by virtue of His sacrifice on the cross!

The shedding of Christ's blood identified Him as the Passover "Lamb of God"!
Sheep are a large part of God's redemption plan for His people. Jesus is even referred to as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world! It's amazing to me that God chose such helpless creatures to assist Him in conveying His message of Love.

The Lord is My Shepherd! I'm helpless without Him!
The Seder dinner is a superb example of how our God attaches meaning to each celebration He arranges for us. Resurrection Day is another reminder that God is alive & actively working in our lives as believers. Enjoy His life in Ewe today!

"I am the Good Shepherd; and I know & recognize my own, & My own  know & recognize Me".


  1. Chuck, 2 years ago George found out his birth parents had given he and his brother away to the parents that raised them! He also found out that his birth father was a Russian Jewish man, and now has pictures of him also! They look so much alike! Well, this year we celebrated Passover and Easter. We had our first seder meal and our grandson's and Jonathan participated too! It was wonderful, see my facebook page for pictures.... Thank you for your blog explaining the meaning of the elements. Jewish and christian traditions fit perfectly together when we include Jesus as the Messiah! -Margie Katity

    1. Hi Margie! I was glad to hear the testimony about George & his brother finding their birth parents. How exciting is that! I'm so happy the Lord was able to use the Blog at this "ideal" time to encourage Ewe! Thanks so much for sharing. God Bless Ewe!