Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Top Ten" Animal Dads Finale!

My "Final-Four" list of "Top Ten" Dads in the animal world has finally arrived! The first Dad is the Grey Wolf. I picked the Grey Wolf for a couple of reasons. First, the Grey Wolf Dad mates for life, & is committed to his partner for the "long haul"! Next, the Grey Wolf Dad provides food & protection for his family. He readily shares plenty of food with his family. Finally, the Grey Wolf Dad introduces his pups to the pack & mentors them in hunting & burying food.This Grey Wolf Dad certainly does it right!
I Love to play & chew on my parents!
As Ewer Dad, I must train Ewe in the ways of a WOLF!
Are Ewe sure Ewe are not "Ticklish"?
The Seahorse is my next candidate for a "Top Ten" Dad of the animal world. Male Seahorses are distinctively among the only species on Earth in which the male carries the unborn young They are endowed with a brood pouch into which the female deposits her eggs when mating. He then fertilizes the eggs internally & houses them in his pouch until they hatch. When Dad's job is done, he releases the miniature, fully-developed Seahorses into the water. How many Dads that Ewe know go through labor & delivery as a patient?

I bet Ewe don't know what I can do! Wait, I'm having a contraction!

I really can "Stomach" this part of Fatherhood! 

Only "True Love" would motivate a male to carry the babies for their mate! 
Owl Monkeys, the only nocturnal "New World" monkeys, are my next choice for my "Top Ten" list of animal Dads. These Dads take charge of most of the childcare in the family after the babies are born. Mothers feed the babies, but that's where it ends. The rest is up to dear old Dad! Once children are weaned, Dads take over feeding the little munchkins. Dads are also the official babysitters, playing with, chasing, & wrestling with the youngsters. Dads also carry the children on their backs for protection from predators! Most Owl Monkey Dads also stay with their mates for life, which makes them a real, lasting "Catch"!
Even though we're monkeys, we are still "NIGHT OWLS"!

Dad carries childcare, literally, on his back!

I Love being a DAD!
Male Lumpsuckers are my final pick for my "Top Ten" list of animal Dads. Lumpsuckers are located mostly around the British & Irish coasts.They are very protective of their young, having the responsibility of supervising over 300,000 eggs for a period of six to seven weeks!Can Ewe imagine being on "Guard Duty" for that long? Now that's a commendable Dad! Lumpsuckers also make colorful mates, literally changing colors to blue, red, or orange, during the breeding season! Males are also a highly sought after delicacy in Nordic countries as caviar! YUCK!
Watching eggs is what I do best!
Ewe might call me "GUARD DOG DAD!"
Did Ewe know that Lumpsucker Dads  have "Stick -To- It -Ness"?
Sheep have attentive Shepherds to take the "Protective" role of the fathers. They also provide food & shelter for their needy flocks!
The Rams have moved to St. Louis, but our Shepherd is still here!
Ewe know I'm looking out for EWE!

Responsible Dads are so vital to the operation of a functional family! Today, thank our Heavenly Father often for His provision & care, both of Ewe, & Ewer family!

 "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."


  1. Great picks for fathers day daddies Popop!! Ewe can definitely learn a lot from this blog. And all of Ewer jokes are pretty funny!

    1. Thanks Alan! I'm glad Ewe are learning a lot from the Blog. I'm also glad Ewe are enjoying my jokes! "A cheerful heart does good like a medicine." Thanks so much for commenting & I'm looking forward to seeing Ewe soon! Love Ewe! Pop Pop!