Friday, June 7, 2013

Who is Alan Richard?

Alan has learned the importance of Choosing his Friends "WISELY"!

In today's Blog,  I'll be continuing the tradition of blogging for each of my grandchildren's birthdays. Alan Richard, my "Oldest"  grandchild , turns 17 today, June 7th, & he is my Michigan connection, & my next victim! I hope that after Ewe take a glimpse into his life, that Ewe will appreciate the awesome qualities that God is developing in his life as much as I do. He is an "oasis" of Creativity & Compassion, whom  I know Ewe will come to enjoy!

From the time he was a baby, Alan knew that dogs were special!
No matter how "shady" the dog, they were meant to be together!

Compassion is a word that is characteristic of Alan's life! Webster defines Compassion as:" sorrow for the suffering or trouble for another or others, accompanied by an urge to help; deep sympathy; pity." As Ewe will observe, Alan Richard is very
compassionate toward his fellow man, as well as toward his family!

Alan Richard is A colorful character whose favorite color is RED!
Alan Richard loves Dogs & Lions So here's a "combo" just for him!
Alan Richard is the oldest brother of four, which gives him numerous opportunities to exhibit his compassion to his brothers. Whether it's scratching Aaron's back at night, letting "little " John play with his stuff, or "looking out" for Drew at school, Alan Richard fulfills his role in stellar fashion. One thing that Ewe will discover about Alan Richard, is that he is committed to doing his best, whatever the task! Excellence demands hard work. He recently obtained his Driver's license & has become the designated "Taxi", which really helps to alleviate some of his "Appreciative" Mom's load! 
Horses are one of Alan Richard's favorite animals!
Family is important to lions as well as to Alan Richard!
Alan Richard is also known for his "Honesty" & his phenomenal
"Work Ethic". An avid reader, Alan Richard loves to write & to be creative with his love of Art. Also, taking responsibility for his mistakes is something that Alan Richard does not shy away from, even though he is personally, somewhat shy. Producing quality work both in & out of school is the only option that will suffice Alan Richard's work ethic! This work ethic also appeared on the basketball court, where Alan's team enjoyed an undefeated regular season, & narrowly lost in the Final championship tournament game by 4 points just 3 years ago!

Alan Richard Loves Basketball & Dogs!

A high flying Falcon is Alan Richard's favorite bird!

Peregrine Falcons appeal to Alan, especially diving at 200 mph!
 Creativity is also a quality that Alan Richard has been blessed with! In addition to being artistic & musical, Alan has recently taken up the creative art of cooking! Chef Alan employs his creative artistry in putting together a "Salsa" that is "Out of this World"! He also likes to create some "Mexican" dishes that I'm sure are "Unique"!

Chef Alan & his Dad both enjoy weight training! 
Alan discovered that "Cooking" required an artistic flair!
I think I'll try "Mexican"! What do Ewe think?

Finally, Alan Richard loves God & loves his family! He is very active in his church & assists in the Sunday school program. He also enjoys music, singing, & playing the guitar & drums. He hopes one day to be a lead guitarist / singer(Front-man) in a Christian band! Alan also enjoys going to Christian concerts with his Dad, & they both attended a U-2 concert in Chicago 3 summers ago! This summer of 2018, in July,  Alan will be going on a "Mission" trip with his church to minister to kids in the inner city of Chicago Finally, Alan has his own style & standards that he lives by, & I'm so thankful for what God is doing in his life!  
Alan Richard enjoys playing the piano & singing worship songs to the Lord!
Alan Richard's "Artistic Flair" can be seen in his good "Grooming" habits!
I'm nothing but a Hound Dog, howling all the time!

 Sheep enjoy the privilege of having a Shepherd with a heart of
compassion, looking out for them in the fields, just as Alan Richard looks out for his brother Drew at school! 

Lambs require LOTS of Patience & Compassion!

Ewe know that Ewer Shepherd Loves Ewe by the Compassion he expresses!
Enjoy Ewer day today, knowing that Ewe have a "Compassionate" Shepherd who is looking out for EWE! Take comfort in the fact that God is at work in the lives of a multitude of young people, just like Alan Richard, preparing them for a bright future with Him!

Kerry Blum's photo.
Band of Brothers!
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Mt. 5:3


  1. Well, ewe certainly did ram your point home here. It has all made me feel rather sheepish.

    1. Thank Ewe Norm! I tried not to "RAM"-BLE on, but Alan has a whole Sheep-Pen of Goodies that we could munch on, if Ewe know what I mean, Grandpa! Thanks for commenting , even though Ewe were feeling a bit Sheepish, & God Bess Ewe!

  2. Thanks a lot Popop for writing that about me. That was great. I only wish I could have read it sooner!! I really liked the dog playing basketball, the dog with a lion mane, the red/white/black dog, and the dog playing the piano and singing/howling. I also really liked the baboon (or whatever it was) with the color red on it. So thank Ewe sooooo much again! Can't wait to see Ewe in Tennessee!!!

    1. Hi Alan! I'm SO happy Ewe enjoyed Ewer Blog! It was fun putting it together for Ewe & Ewe gave me "LOTS" of "GOOD MATERIAL" to work with! By the way,the colorful character is a Mandrill. EWE are soooo welcome & I'll see Ewe in TENNESSEE!!! P.S. THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING!!!!

  3. I must say that your hard work on this really be- hooves ewe. I don't want to horn in on the sheep jokes, but I feel that I have been fleeced of all my own sheep jokes. That is why I am milking this for all it is worth. Have fun with all the boys and Brian and Kerry next week in Tennessee.

  4. Great job on this Dad - you made some great additions and described Alan to a "T" :) love you!

    1. Thanks Kerry! Alan makes it so easy to write, because he always has a "Wealth" of good material to draw from. Thanks for Commenting, & keep up Ewer good work in raising this fine, young man! God is GOOD! Love EWE!

  5. Thanks Popop! This is great work! I don't think I could have done better myself!

    1. Ewe are Welcome, Alan! Happy 14th Birthday & may this be Ewer BEST year yet! God Bless EWE! Love EWE!