Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How much are EWE Worth?

There are some very expensive animals in the world that generate a real "Buzz" over the value that they have garnered in the market. We are going to take a look at some of the most expensive sheep. I hope that Ewe are as amazed as I was! The first animal is a six- month-old Texan ram known as the "Deveronvale Perfection." A "Guinness Book" world record holder in 2009, it was purchased by a very happy Scottish farmer for a whopping $369,000!

As Ewe can see, I am worth every penny!

Oh Lord, it's HARD to be HUMBLE!
Our next expensive animal is also a sheep that was purchased as a lamb by a Chinese farmer. This Wagir sheep  is very rare, with only 1000 pure-bred in existence worldwide. It's long floppy ears & pure white coat are something to behold! The farmer bought the sheep, also known as the  "Swordsman", in Afghanistan, & turned down an offer of 1.1 million dollars! He will use the sheep for breeding.


My ears are longer than Ewer ears!

As Ewe travel in Ewer pastures today, know that Ewer worth comes from Ewer Creator, not from a price tag that society tries to assign to Ewe! Happy Trails!

"You were bought with a price, Therefore glorify God in your body."1Cor.6:20

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