Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top Ten Animal Moms!

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would look into the world of nature the next couple of days, & nominate a top ten list of "Animal Moms." Hope Ewe enjoy my findings on this very special day that we use to honor our Moms. On a personal note, I lost my Mom on Feb. 1st, 2004, & truly appreciate how she loved her sons. She was feisty, wise, generous, & truly embraced my family & me with a Mother's love! She is missed, loved, & her thumbprint on our lives will always be recognizable & remembered!
Bath time is so much FUN!

I'm one of the "Biggest" mothers on the planet.
We are the "Allomothers", & we know how to raise calves!
The African elephant is a great nominee for the "Top Ten" list of Animal Moms. She has to endure a 22 month pregnancy before
giving birth to a 200 lb. blind baby! OUCH! Fortunately, she has help caring for the "little" darling, for the ladies of the herd assist her in raising the calf,  In their matriarchal society, a group of females known as "Allomothers," help babysit the young calf, giving Mom a much needed break. It truly does take a village!

It takes "Gusto" to be a Mom in these temperatures!
Aren't I the cutest thing since "sliced bread"?
I'm exhausted but I still have a "COOL" family!
Polar bear Moms are also on my "Top Ten" list of Super Moms! They have to put on about 400 lbs. of baby weight, or their body will reabsorb the fetus! She will dig herself a "maternity" den, most likely in the snow, where she will hibernate & deliver her baby in her sleep! She also goes without food for the entire 2 months, waking to hungry cubs that are toothless, blind, & adorable. She will stay with the cubs for 2 years before they leave to be on their own.
I really do Like being a MOM! It is, what it is!
Say good-bye to the next 2 years while I root for the "Cubs!"
Mommy, We're HUNGRY!
Cheetah Moms make my "Top Ten" list due to their phenomenal patience. In due time, Cheetah Moms give birth to a litter of 4-6 cubs. These cubs need to be taught "survival" skills, which involves avoiding predators & capturing prey. This training takes up to 2 years, before the cubs are fully equipped & ready to venture out on their own. Males will hang together, but females tend to wander off & disperse.
We stick together like peanut butter & jelly!
Bighorn Sheep Moms bond very closely with their young right after they are born. The Mom proceeds with a thorough "licking" of the lamb, or "Owning" of it. This licking not only dries the lamb, but also protects it & fosters further bonding between Mom & lamb. Lambs stay close to Mom for about a year following.

Bonding with my "Kid" is a "HIGH" calling!

Best wishes & congratulations to all Moms.Ewer love, care, & nurturing, all make the world a better place! Blessings to all!

"Charm is deceitful & beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30

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