Friday, May 17, 2013

Sheep Sense!

By nature, sheep are very vulnerable to various dangers that lurk about. Sheep have a strong "Flocking Instinct" & they will run from anything that frightens them. Sheep clearly look for safety in larger numbers of sheep. Predators do have a more difficult time catching prey, especially when a flock bands together for protection.

Ewe guys stick together & we'll be a whole lot safer!

Keep Ewer eyes open! Ewe never know what's out there!

How about leaving the flock for lunch?
In order to stay out of trouble , sheep rely heavily on their senses. The first sense they rely on is their sense of vision. Sheep's eyes are located more on the side of their heads, enabling them to have a much wider field of vision. This is actually an advantage for a prey animal, enabling it to quickly scan its surroundings for potential danger. However, sheep also have poor depth perception, which also proves to be a hindrance to them, & forces sheep to examine items around them more carefully for specific details.

Don't Ewe try to sneak up on me!
Peek-a-Boo! "EYE" see Ewe!
Sheep's sense of hearing is the next sense they rely on for survival.  Sheep possess an excellent sense of hearing. The sound actually arrives at both ears at different times, enabling sheep to amplify sounds with pinpoint accuracy. Sheep actually become extremely frightened with loud noises, which trigger stress-related hormones that make the sheep nervous. A calming voice from the Shepherd will restore sanity & peace of mind to the sheep.

Ewe can speak now! I'm all ears!
I can hear clearly now, the noise is gone!(And Don't Ewe Forget it!)
Wait, I think I think heard something!

The next sense that sheep possess, is their phenomenal sense of smell. Sheep have an olfactory system that is more highly advanced than that of humans. Sheep's sense of smell assists them in several ways. First, sheep are able to detect predators with their sense of smell. Next, smell also helps ewes locate their lambs, & guides rams in locating ewes in heat. Finally, a sheep's sense of smell assists them in locating the best foods to eat, as well as water to drink. Sheep will actually attempt to face into the wind, using their sense of smell to their fullest advantage.

I smell something Delicious!
I smell something "Fishy" here!

The Nose Knows!
Sheep's final two senses are taste & touch. A sheep's sense of taste will help them in distinguishing the type of food to eat. A sheep's sense of touch is experienced through the sheep's mouth , lips, & possibly ears. A sheep's body lends little to touch, since it is covered with wool or coarse hair. However, body contact between a ewe & its lamb is very helpful to the bonding process. It has also been discovered that flocks of sheep that have close body contact are generally calmer.

All this body contact makes me feel safer! Do Ewe see what I mean?
Come on Mom, are Ewe sure it's not time to eat yet?
Sheep have been equipped with senses that will help them to survive as a prey animal. The Shepherd provides additional protection, guidance, & leadership for the sheep, which help them to make "perfect sense" of their lives. 
With the Shepherd, "Life is Good", & makes perfect SENSE!

Enjoy Ewer day today, trusting that the Shepherd will help Ewe to make perfect "sense" of Ewer life!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, & lean not on you own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, & He shall direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5,6


  1. Thanks Chuck, God Bless you today!!! :)

    1. EWE are WELCOME, Jodi Jo! Thanks so much for commenting & I pray that the "Blog" continues to Bless EWE! God Bless EWE!

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