Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monitor Madness!

Do Ewe remember growing up with hall monitors & lunchroom monitors? Their job was to "keep an eye out" for us in some designated area. The world of nature also has a "Monitor", according to legend, to "keep an eye out" for crocodiles, standing on their hind legs. Monitor Lizards are large reptiles that are located near various bodies of water all across Asia & in the jungles of Africa. They will stand on their hind legs to "monitor" approaching predators.

My Mom taught me it was OK to stick my tongue out!
Small reptiles & mammals Beware-Ewer life "Monitor" is here!
 The largest of the Monitor Lizards is the famous Komodo Dragon, located in Indonesia on an island that bears its name. It is the largest lizard in the world & is believed to carry a fairly weak venom. It also has bacteria in its saliva, which eventually poisons its prey, if it's fortunate enough to escape its powerful jaws. Dragons grow to about 10 ft. long, & weigh up to 300 pounds.
Special "K" in the morning keeps me healthy.
I'm a real "Stand-Up" Guy! The food goes down easier.
Birds of a feather flock together. We're big, bad, & beautiful!
Most species of Monitor Lizards are carnivorous, with a diet consisting of small reptiles, birds, eggs, & small mammals. Fruit & vegetation are also on the menu for some species, depending on their habitat. Monitor Lizards are also extremely versatile & are very adaptable to different environments.
I don't want to hear any "Tongue & Cheek" remarks!
Swallowing prey requires me to "Open Wide"!
 The Monitor Lizard females lay their eggs in tree stump hollows, & then proceed to protect the eggs by covering them with dirt. They lay up to 30 eggs, only a few of which are expected to survive. Monitors are considered to be intelligent, especially since they "Monitor" & survey their surroundings for predators & prey.

I'm just "blue" over losing so many of my eggs!
"EGG"-cellent location to be born!
Sheep aren't as versatile as the Monitor Lizards, & can't stand up as well on their hind legs. Instead, they have a Shepherd who stands up & "monitors" all potential predators for them.

Don't Ewe worry about predators! I got Ewer back!

We feel safe in the "Lunchroom" of our Shepherd!
Enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing that the Good Shepherd is watching out for EWE. Fear not, for He's monitoring Ewer travels today & everyday from this day forward!

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, Keeping watch on the evil & the good". Proverbs15:3

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