Monday, May 13, 2013

Top Ten Animal Moms-2!

Koala bears are my next choice for my "Top Ten" list of Animal Moms. A Koala mother mostly remains in its treetop home, while giving birth to its quarter inch baby known as a "joey". A joey requires a great deal of care, born earless, blind, & hairless, & confined to a life of drinking milk in its mother's pouch. After 6 months in its mother's pouch, the joey crawls out & clings to its mother's back. Now that's up close & personal mothering at its best!
A Koala Mom has her kids "hang all over her"!
I Love Ewe Mommy!
Orangutans are my next choice for my "Top Ten" list of Animal Moms. Orangutans only have children every 8 years, so they view motherhood with anticipation. Their infants are very dependent at birth, clinging to their mother's belly for the first 4 months! This takes extreme dedication on the part of the Mom, since she has a "constant companion"  for up to 2 years. This becomes even more challenging for Mom, since she builds a new nest every day in the trees, & up to 30,000 in her lifetime! The last reason I chose Orangutans is because they will breastfeed their infants for up to 5 years! Now that's commitment!

We are Family! We Hang Together!
I Love Ewe MOMMY! I love Ewe too, Baby!
Octopus Moms are my next candidate for the "Top Ten" list of Animal Moms. I selected them due to the self-sacrifice they display while waiting for their eggs to hatch. Female octopuses lay between  50,000-200,000 eggs, depending on their species. Mom will group & string their translucent eggs up under the overhangs of rock & coral. Mom will then protect them from predators until they hatch. This takes so long that Mom will be forced, at times, to consume  her own arms in order to keep from starving to death. When she finally leaves, she is in such a weakened state, that she is often killed by opportunistic predators. Now that's sacrificial love!

Being a Mom can "Consume" Ewe!
I learn "transparency" at an early age!
Thousands of us are protected by our Mom!
Sheep enjoy staying in close proximity to their mothers & to one another. Lambs especially bond with their mothers right after birth. They also have the Shepherd to help in their maturing process.
We stick close to Mama for obvious reasons.

There's no better place to be on earth, than with my MOM!

Another Shout out to all of the "Moms" in our lives, that sacrifice so much for their loved ones day in & day out! God Bless Ewe ! 

"Her children rise up & call her blessed; Her husband also, & he praises her:" Proverbs 31:28


  1. I love this blog i don't know why i didnt see it before. Very interesting indeed!!

    God bless Ewe!

    1. Thank Ewe Marie for commenting! I'm so happy Ewe love the blog & find it interesting! I hope God uses it to Bless & Encourage Ewe on Ewer journey. Thanks again & God Bless Ewe!