Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Whistling Swan

The Whistling Swan is one of the largest waterfowls to fly & is  an excellent example of Initiative! Smaller than the Trumpeter swan, it is a migratory bird that weighs as much as 16 pounds & has a wing span of 83 inches! It migrates to North Carolina & the Chesapeake Bay region to winter,then flying back to Alaska & Canada for the breeding season. Upon arrival, it will build a nest for 4-7 cream-colored eggs on a grassy mound by a lake. Once  hatched,the young swans are called cygnets.Adult males are known as cobs & will vigorously defend their brood with their strong, bony wings.

Why , did ewe know that I can whistle, "Way Down upon the Swannee River"?
The swan is very majestic & graceful in flight & beautiful to behold! Swans fly in groups as large as 500 in number & at heights that range from 6000 feet to 27,000 feet! Swans fly in a V-formation which enables the flock to successfully migrate.Swans must rely on the lead swan take the initiative &  to absorb the pressure for the remainder of the flock. By rotating leaders throughout the flight, swans are able to reach speeds of up to 100 mph!

Ewe think ewe have pressure in ewe-r life? Want to trade places for a day?
By flying in a V- formation, it has been estimated that 25 swans are able to travel 75 percent farther than one swan flying solo! The moral of the story is: Teamwork & Cooperation will get ewe places much faster than trying to fly there alone!

I hope we don't get a speeding ticket! Ewe just hit 100 mph!
 Sheep travel in herds which offer them some temporary, yet fragile safety.They follow the dominant ewe, afraid of the consequences without the Shepherd  being visibly present.When the Shepherd is in their midst, sheep will follow the path He puts before them. Sheep instinctively know that the Shepherd will be the leader who will absorb the pressure for them.

Ewe better stay close to the path,especially in the dark! Ewe know what's out there! 

The Good Shepherd has taken the lead in Ewe-r life today in order to absorb the pressure of the day! That thought should not only  put Ewe at ease, but also put a smile on Ewe-r face!

"Do not fear little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."Lk.12:32

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