Friday, November 16, 2012

Tiger by the Tale!

Siberian Tigers are the largest felines of the "Big Cats"in the world! Presently considered as an endangered species, there are only an estimated 8000 tigers worldwide, with 500 tigers left roaming in the wild! Those in the wild dwell mostly in birch forests in the Russian far east Amur-Ussur region, which is considered part of Siberia. They are found in the higher mountain regions where they freely hunt deer, elk, bear & wild boars.
I want to suck Ewe-r blood! ( & eat everything else Ewe have on the menu!)

Siberian tigers are huge, growing up to 11 feet in length & weighing up to 650 pounds,The biggest tiger ever recorded was 1025 pounds! Wow! They are very territorial & carefully mark out the territory they hunt in, which ranges from 26-120 Sq. miles, depending on the food supply. A Siberian tiger's excellent night vision, hearing, & sense of smell, assist it greatly while hunting at night, which  allows it to employ the element of surprise!

Did Ewe read my best selling book "The Night Stalker"?

A Siberian tiger hunts very stealthily, preferring to stalk its prey, waiting for the opportune moment to leap from (10-30 feet) & pounce! In their attack, they may run faster than 50 mph, which they can do only  for short distances! Massive & powerful, they will eat up to 40 lbs. of food at one killing! Following a feast like that, they may not eat again for up to two weeks.

"Faster than a speeding bullet, I'm able to leap tall animals in a single bound!"

 Female Siberian tigers live solitary lives except for mating season purposes.They practice a ritual of marking an area & listening for roars of an interested male. After mating, the female carries a litter of 2-5 cubs for about three and a half months before giving birth.The mother than nurtures her cubs for a year and a half to three years, teaching them the necessary survival skills before releasing them into the wild. Males have nothing to do with  raising the family after mating, as it is in much of the animal world! 

"We Are Family, Mother & daughter Can't Ewe See!

 Sheep are quite the opposite of Siberian tigers! They are not equipped with the survival skills that the world's biggest cats have! Defenseless & non-threatening, they are dependent upon the Shepherd for their very survival!

Which way do we go? Which way do we go? I feel like a Dum,Dum
As Ewe reflect upon Ewe-r day, take an inventory of all the gifts &
talents that God has entrusted to Ewe! Give thanks, choosing to use
 Ewe-r life to enrich the lives of others He puts in Ewe-r path!

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, & to give His life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

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  1. ANY SIBERIAN TIGER QUESTIONS? They are the "REAL DEAL"! Enjoy & God Bless EWE!