Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey!

The Eastern Turkey can be traced back to the Spanish early explorations of North America in the 1500's. The Spanish took some back home & domesticated them, where they spread quickly throughout Europe, eventually reaching England. Strangely enough, one century later, the English brought this domesticated turkey back to America as a source of food. The wild turkey is more streamlined than the domesticated bird, yet remains the largest game bird in North America .

"Big Bird" should take some lessons from me! Ewe know I would "Gobble" him up!
The wild turkey family all have different names. The male is called a tom or a gobbler, weighing between 25-35 lbs. on average & standing at 4 ft. tall. The female is called a hen & weighs 8-14 lbs. & is the same height as the male.Young male turkeys are known as jakes & are about half the size as adults, weighing 15-20 pounds. Baby turkeys are called poults & are tan & brown at birth.

Do Ewe think it might be time for a "Life -Style Lift"!
Wild Turkeys display the amazing character trait known as
"availability"! This trait  enables them to ensure that the next generation will be strong enough to survive the difficult conditions they will have to face. A dominant male turkey illustrates this trait during the mating ritual. First,  he gobbles very loudly, which can be heard up to a mile away! He does this to announce to both challengers & females, that he is the "top turkey" in that territory!Challengers will soon appear & he will battle until there are no challengers remaining.Then, he makes himself available to the females for the next 3-4 weeks, until all the mating takes place & all the eggs are laid.

How do ewe think we can get more people to eat "Ham" on Thanksgiving?
 The male demonstrates availability by "carving out" the necessary time to meet the immediate demands, which will promote the health of the offspring in the next generation! The 8-12 eggs will incubate for 26 -28 days, & upon hatching, will leave the nest & be searching for food with their mother within 24 hours.

 We're passing on a double line! I don't want to see ewe "Run" down & "Tired" out!
Wild Turkeys have some fun & interesting facts to strut! Did ewe know that Ben Franklin liked the Turkey better than the Eagle for the National symbol? Also, since 1947, the President is presented with 2 dressed turkeys & a live turkey by the National Turkey Foundation! The President "pardons" the live turkey, allowing it to live the rest of its days on a historical farm. Also, the "Turkey Trot" is a ballroom dance named for the short, jerky turkey steps. Finally, did ewe know that wild turkeys sleep in trees; can see in color; have poor night vision; grow beards; fly 55 mph for short distances; run 20 mph; & have 3500 feathers when they mature ?Turkeys are amazing creatures! 

Pardon me, but are ewe going to find out the winner is this year's White House Lottery!
 Sheep don't get as anxious about celebrating Thanksgiving as they do about celebrating Easter with the Passover Lamb! Sheep are very thankful that they have a Shepherd available to them, who willingly devotes whatever time that is necessary, for the future welfare of the flock.

Ewe can count on me! I'm available for whatever ewe need!
 As Ewe celebrate Thanksgiving & reflect upon His goodness, offer up a prayer of appreciation for the Good Shepherd & His constant "availability" to Ewe! Happy Thanksgiving!

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over." Ps.23:5


  1. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving my Friends, Love you all!!!!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to Ewe as well,my friends, & try to "Strut ewe-r stuff" today while doing the "Turkey Trot"! God Bless Ewe!

  2. Very interesting facts. I enjoyed reading about these turkeys. We saw an adult owl sitting on a fence in a heavy traffic area in Chicago the other day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!