Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moose Tracks!

Moose are amazingly the world's largest member of the deer family. Moose dwell in northern regions of Europe, Russia & N.America & are herbivores. They eat branches, twigs, leaves & aquatic plants. The name moose originated with Algonquin Indians in 1613.The name given was "moosu" which means "he strips off", probably referring to the animal's habit of stripping off the bark from trees for food.

Trees are not safe with me around! They feed my "Sweet Tooth"!
Female moose are known as cows & males as bulls. They really live separate lives unless it's "rutting" time, or mating season. Males gather together & battle it out for male supremacy & the right to select a mate or cow first. This practice is very similar to that of the Bighorn Sheep, where the last ram still standing with the smallest headache, chooses their mate first!

Ewe better be ready because I'm fighting for that cow! She's Mine!
Moose are massive in size, measuring 8-10 feet long & 5-7 feet high! They have long legs, a small tail, a drooping nose, a heavy body, & a dewlap or "bell" under their chin. Moose range in color
from black to golden brown & are actually reddish brown at birth. A typical male weighs from 1200-1600 lbs., while females weigh from 800-1300 lbs.. Only bulls grow antlers, which they shed each winter & measure up to 6 feet across!

I'm bullish on America! I guess ewe can "rack" it up to my Antlers!
Cows will give birth after 8 months to 1-2 calves. Newborns weigh 28-35 lbs. at birth in May & are weaned by the fall. Cows will vigorously protect their young & will form a strong bond that's not easily broken! Eventually, after a year of nurturing, the mother chases them away, in order to prepare for another birth! It's not unusual for moose to have twins & triplets!

We have to stop meeting like this! What will the neighbors say?
Moose are good swimmers, even able to submerge completely underwater from 30 - 60 seconds! Moose live up to 20 years in the wild. They have few predators, which include cougars, wolves,  bears, & humans! An agile moose is able to trot at 20 mph & run at 35 mph! It has been reported that even a five - day old moose can outrun a human! NOT bad stats for moose, since they are the the largest members of the deer family in the Northern Hemisphere!

Hurry kids, I have to watch the "Running of the Bulls" with ewe-r father!
Sheep & lambs are wildly loved by their Shepherd! He will ferociously intercept anything that tries to harm his beloved flock. Like the moose, defending the young & vulnerable is the Shepherd's top priority! They are defenders of the weak!
I need Protection! Can't ewe see how vulnerable I am?
As Ewe-r day begins, know that Ewe are loved so much by the Good Shepherd! Relish His love & His willingness to defend Ewe at every juncture of Ewe-r day!
"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for His friends."Jn. 15:13


  1. Hi Mr.Woods,
    I read your blog for Bible. I bet EWE would be proud. :) I really understood what was going on in this analogy. :)
    PS:please send us your personal email.

    1. That's great Luke! I'm glad Ewe were able to benefit from the Blog & the analogy! Keep reading,Ewe never know what God will reveal to Ewe! God Bless Ewe & I'll Facebook the e-mail!

  2. Thanks Chuck,
    Love the Moose!!! Great comparison to the Shepherd too. Have a blessed day. :)

    1. Thanks Jodi ! I'm glad the Lord blessed Ewe through the Blog! Keep Looking to the Shepherd & Ewe can't help but be blessed!God Bless Ewe & keep commenting!