Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skunked on Defense!

 The Striped Skunk is the most common skunk in North America, Like all skunks,they have a natural defense system. Equipped with two glands at the base of their tail,they are able to defend themselves against most predators. After giving an intruder ample warning, a skunk is able to spray a sulphuric-smelling musk,which aimed accurately,is able to cause intense pain & temporary blindness! Skunk musk is also oily & extremely difficult to remove.This natural defense system enables the skunk to  ward off with confidence most who dare to challenge them!

Yipes! Stripes! Beware! Don't make me lift my hind legs!
Pardon me, but I must go to see my Den Mother!
Striped Skunks are very friendly & have a docile disposition which makes them excellent pets.Skunks are nocturnal hunters and eat a varied diet of mostly insects, small mammals, carrion, and some vegetation.They are a real asset to farmers,who appreciate having
rats,shrews,mice,squash bugs,potato bugs, & grasshoppers eaten ! 

Ewe are un-"Bear"-able! Don't come any closer or I'll have to Shoot!
At birth, baby striped skunks are blind, deaf, and quite immature.Skunk kittens are able to spray as the early age of eight days, which is sixteen days before they can see! They have a very accurate aim when they can see, & their spray can shoot up to sixteen feet away! They nurse for about 6-8 weeks in the mother's den before being  weaned. Then the young accompany the mother about a year,finally breaking from the family after reaching adult size.

I bet ewe didn't know that we were real "Stinkers" growing up!
Sheep are as defenseless as skunks , only they lack the skunk's natural defense system! Instead, they are blessed with a Shepherd who acts as their Defense system! He protects & watches over them, using his rod & staff vigorously on their behalf! Sheep also may graze confidently, knowing they are in the good hands of the Shepherd
Ewe don't have a thing to Fear! I'm right here!
As Ewe reflect on the Good Shepherd's care today, procede confidently, knowing that He is Ewe-r Supernatural Defense System!

"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us,who can be against us."Romans 8:31

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