Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Army of Hope!

"Charity Begins at Home" is a popular quote Ewe will hear quite often, & especially this time of year. In thinking about charitable organizations at Christmas, one particularly comes to mind, & that's the Salvation Army! Most of us have either avoided or appreciated their bell ringing outside of various stores during this season.

"It is Better to Give (me something to eat} than to Receive!"

I was concerned about alcohol's devastating toll on the family!  

The Salvation Army was started by William & Catherine Booth of England. They started the East London Christian Mission in 1865  as an outreach to the poor. Eventually, the vision was transformed into forming an army, the Salvation Army, that was organized to save lost people from the evils of this world, & teach them about Jesus Christ.They named their leaders officers & their newspaper "The War Cry"!
I am "Hog Wild" about saving people from hurting themselves!
Volunteers collect offerings to help needy people around the world!
Known as the "General", Booth had a passion for the lost in his community & preached boldly to all who would listen. His wife Catherine, was also directed by the Holy Spirit to speak & was instrumental in many souls being saved! She even was given the nickname, "The Army Mother", because she cared for the poor & helped establish Rescue Homes for homeless women in London! 

Let me help clean up this mess so Ewe can find Purpose again!
The Salvation Army were so effective in London in the 1870's & early 1880's, that the "Gin" shop industries were hurting.They were doing so poorly, that they encouraged mobs to attack the people & buildings of the Salvation Army! Close to 700 workers were attacked & 60 buildings were wrecked! However, the work continued & they established "lunch rooms" to feed the hungry & remain open for any poor to purchase a good meal at a good price.

Ewe can growl all Ewe want , but we're still preaching!

We don't want to "lock horns "with Ewe! All we want to do is to help people!

 William & Catherine even had their son, Bramwell,  work with them in the Army. At 13 , he was handing out tracts, & at 16 years of age, Bramwell was given the responsibility of managing the "Food -for-the-Millions" shops that fed the poor. There were 5 canteens open for 24 hours a day, either selling or giving food to the needy. This was all preparation for Bramwell, who eventually became director of missionary operations for countries around the world! After his father's death in 1912, he became the Army's 2nd General!

God Loves a Cheerful Giver! "Don't let your right hand know what your left is giving!"
Poor people need people to help feed them, just like us!
Sheep are vulnerable animals that are in serious need of direction & guidance. They are blessed to have a Shepherd, who attends to their needs daily. Some people, however, don't have anyone, except us!
Count Ewe-r Blessings! Count them One by One!
As Ewe count Ewe-r many blessings this Christmas season, give thanks to the Good Shepherd, who daily walks with Ewe! Also , pray to see how Ewe can be His hands in the life of another!

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done." Prov.19:17

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