Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reindeer Ramblings!

Reindeer are more than likely, on some people's mind this time of the year. Reindeer are members of the deer family & inhabit the northern parts of Europe, Asia, & North America by the Arctic Circle.The name reindeer means "running deer" & aptly describes this beautiful 4ft. high creature, that is both grey or brown in color. 
Did Ewe know I was in the poem,"Twas the Night before Christmas"?

Reindeer have been serving people for centuries in northern Europe. Reindeer have provided meat, clothing, cheese, milk, & butter to the Lapps in Norway, & the Tungus & Chukchi tribe of Siberia! Reindeer were also trained for riding & for  pulling loads on a sledge. They weigh from 300-600 lbs., swim, & run 50 mph!

"Oh What Fun It Is To Ride..."
Reindeer are herbivores & are very gregarious, traveling in  massive herds, some as large as 200,000, during their migration. They travel hundreds of miles between their summer & winter grounds, eating grass in summer & lichens, also known as "reindeer moss", in the winter. They have unique hooves that spread open to help them locate their food under the snow in the winter.

Aren't the crowds awful this year? What's the big fuss ? It's only Migration!

 Reindeer are the only species of deer in which  both the male & female grow antlers! They have the second largest set of antlers, only trailing moose.They grow their antlers in summer & will each lose them at different times. Males lose their antlers from late November through mid December. Females hold onto their antlers until after they give birth in the spring. The Antlers help reindeer in fighting during mating season, &  in gaining social dominance.


White reindeer have white Antlers ! Maybe God used too much bleach.

Reindeer have wild relatives in North America known as caribou. Male caribou will fight with each other for females during rutting season. Males are hoping to win a harem of 5-15 females in the 3-week mating season! They then leave  the burden of child rearing with the female. In 7-8 months, the females give birth to 1 to 2 ten lb. calves, which stand on their own within 30 minutes. They move with the herd within a day!
Welcome to the wonderful world of reindeer!
Sheep have a lot in common with reindeer. Both are herbivores that flock together for safety. Next, both males fight for mating 
rights during rutting season. Finally, both depend on females to be responsible for raising the young. Reindeer don't have a Shepherd to look after all their needs. That's a game changer!

 Did Ewe know that my Shepherd takes "Good Care" of me!

As Ewe graze today in the pasture He has allotted to Ewe, be
thankful for the Shepherd's provision for every detail of the day!
"And my God shall supply all  your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19


  1. Great blog! Love the holiday twist on this one :)

    1. Thank Ewe for sharing Ewe-r encouraging thoughts! I'm happy the Blog blessed Ewe! Hope the "Holiday Twist" keeps us all mindful of the Real Reason for the Season!God Bless Ewe & thanks for commenting!