Monday, December 3, 2012

"Polar-Eyes-ed"! Take 2

The names of a Polar Bear are numerous!The first scientific name used for the Polar Bear was ursus maritimus, which means Sea Bear.It was first used by a British naval officer named Commander C.J.Phipps in 1774. Additional names given to the Polar Bear are: the Ice bear; Nanuk; Lord of the Arctic; White bear; Old Man in a Fur Clock; & White Sea Deer. It's simply an "Amazing" animal! 

 Courage, Courage! I'm a stand-up Guy that needs Courage!
Polar bears communicate in very interesting ways. First, head wagging indicates a desire to play. Also, by standing on their hind legs with chin lowered, & arms hanging down, adult bears initiate the ritual of playtime! Finally, Nose to nose greetings are also used by bears as proper etiquette for sharing a kill! Displaying humility in their approach to the kill is the only rule!

Thank Ewe for sharing this Waltz with me, Dear! I couldn't bear missing it!

 Polar bears also communicate to each other using sounds for various occasions. Mother bears make a chuffing sound when they
 are anxious about the cubs. They also employ a soft cuff or gentle growl when correcting their cubs. Hissing, lowering of the head, & snorting all signify aggression! Finally, deep growls issue a warning not to come any closer, & loud growls or roars convey real anger!

Do ewe know that I am communicating Angerrr!

Polar bears distinctively hunt their food in unusual & interesting  ways. First, they participate in seal stalking. Ringed seals are their favorite prey, so with their phenomenal sense of smell, they sniff out their location.While the seal basks on the ice, the Polar bear crawls closer & closer. If the seal looks up, the bear freezes, then continues its quest. At 20 feet, it's pounce time & dinner is served!

Mealtime is so much fun!( Except for a Cold Bath afterwards)
 Polar bears also hunt ringed seals by searching for seal "breathing holes" or anglus. A ringed seal will cut up to 15 of these anglus in 6 foot-thick ice. They normally surface every 5-15 minutes.The bears find these holes with their superior sense of smell & just wait. Soon, one unsuspecting seal will pop up. Patience will be finally rewarded!

Did ewe know that I can eat 100 lbs of blubber in one setting?
Sheep are not aggressive hunters like Polar bears, needing to search for their food. Actually, sheep are most often the intended prey, trying to avoid an attack by predators. Sheep also have Shepherds to lead, feed, & protect them from predators! Sheep also flock together for protection & have social groups. They both graze & interact regularly, unlike the mostly solitary Polar bear.
"Ewe & me & me & Ewe, So Happy Together!"
Today, as Ewe live another glorious day above ground, give thanks for ewe-r Good Shepherd! Feed on & enjoy the nourishment that He provides just for Ewe!
"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures;... " Ps. 23:1,2a


  1. Great job Chuck it is great way to learn and fun too, could make a book or an ebook for kids out of these pages. Blessings my brother, Kurt

    1. Thanks for the encouragement & suggestions Kurt! I'm so blessed that Ewe enjoy the Blog! God Bless Ewe,Brother, as Ewe continue Ewe-r walk with Him!