Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ham it Up!

Please consider eating "TURKEY" for Ewer Christmas dinner! Our lives depend on it!
 Pigs are the most intelligent of domesticated animals & rank 4th overall. They rank 4th behind chimps, dolphins, & elephants. They learn tricks faster than dogs & piglets respond to their names by 1-3 weeks! Pigs have good memories & in scientific tests are super problem solvers.

I hope Ewe know that Pigs are really quite sophisticated!

 Pigs are extremely social animals! They greet each other by rubbing noses , similar to the way humans shake hands. Pigs love to cuddle in nests, huddling together at bed time. They also assist one another in grooming as a display of affection.

Check (Sniff) it out! I hate to be nosey but have Ewe seen the Muppets?
 Pigs also are very clean animals! Personal grooming is paramount to a pig. They always keep their bedding area separate from the toilet, which they locate a safe distance away. Now Ewe might be thinking, how is a pig considered clean when it "wallows" in the mud? Mud acts as bug spray & sun-tan lotion for the pig, & keeps  its body temperature cooler. A bath or swim will soon follow!
Did Ewe know that I love to swim & I'm  pretty good at it?
 Adult pigs have  44 teeth with enamel similar to that of humans.
 Contrary to popular belief, pigs are very picky eaters! They refuse to gobble up their food like dogs, but rather enjoy nibbling and sniffing their food. They prefer variety in their diet, since they are omnivores, eating both plants & animals. 

Here's the scoop! Ewe need to be very picky about what Ewe eat.

Ewe should brush after every meal if Ewe want to prevent cavities!
 Pigs have a host of names they are called. The female is known as a gilt before having piglets, & a sow after giving birth. Males are called boars & are also known generically as swine & hogs. Sows make excellent mothers, bonding with & nurturing their 7-12 piglets with the loyalty & protectiion of a grizzly!

Have Ewe seen the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen"? Would Ewe like 3 months of this? 

 Sheep, like pigs, also form special relationships with their young. Lambs stay close to their moms, who are also assisted by their Shepherd in protecting them when they're most vulnerable!

Have Ewe seen my Mom? How about my Shepherd?

Pigs and sheep remind us that we have Someone who loves us that is passionate about looking out for us!  What a great thought to take into Ewe-r day!

"Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?" Ps. 139:7

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