Friday, December 21, 2012

Sticking Ewe-r Neck Out 2!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It's an opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior with friends & family & reflect on the Goodness of God. With that in mind, let's zoom in on how the "Giraffe" world might celebrate this special season.

Ewe should always take time to sing at Christmas!
Family reunions or pictures always require us to look our absolute best! Grandmothers love to see clean kids!

Ewe-r tongue is not long enough yet , so let me clean Ewe-r ears!
When things get a little stressed, it's always nice to have someone to help Ewe carry Ewe-r burdens!

Nothing like having a friend to lift Ewe up!
House-cleaning is always a must for the holidays. Those windows  that are hard to reach, always look better with a little "outside"help!

I'm so happy to help Ewe again this year!
 When expecting company, make sure "Homeland Security" screens the guest list! Ewe wouldn't want any unwelcome guests!
Could Ewe please take out Ewe-r license & registration?
Anyone who tries to buffalo Ewe can get a "Swift Kick"!
 With all the "Hustle & Bustle" of Christmas, Ewe can sometimes find ewerself in "Knots"! Ewe don't need to explain how it happened,  just look for the nearest Boy Scout!

Don't say a word! Ewe know I feel bad enough already!
Sometimes the "Fear of the Unknown" gets the best of us, even during the holiday season! At times like that, it's good to have someone Ewe love to hold onto!

Do Ewe know the carol "Come rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"?

Ewe have nothing to fear but fear itself! Family Reunions are Fun!
 Christmas preparations have their challenges, but we must never forget to take time to laugh at ourselves, & enjoy the the "Reason for the Season", Jesus Christ!
Laugh at Ewerself ! God is certainly Creative!
 The holidays do bring about more opportunities to eat things that aren't the best for our diets! People seem to gain unwanted weight!
 Nothing to stress about.There are always New Year Resolutions!

The Diet Starts tomorrow! So many Treats, so little Time!
Sheep love having fun! The Shepherd leads them places where that's possible. Enjoy life the way He intended it!

Brace Ewerself for Christmas & Be Happy!
As Ewe continue the Christmas celebration this week, enjoy the precious times spent together! It is a gift from God!

Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which is translated,"God with us". Mt.1:23


  1. LOVE THIS DAD!!!!!!!!
    Great job!!!

    1. Thank Ewe so much for the encouragement, Jenny! I'm so glad Ewe enjoyed the Blog! God Bless Ewe & don't forget to spread the Good News!

    2. Loved the Blog!!! You put some great time into the research and the pictures are hilarious!!!!

    3. I'm so thankful the Blog lightened Ewer Life! God Bless Ewe & Thanks for Commenting!

  2. Merry Christmas to EWE! "A Merry heart does good, like a Medicine"!

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  4. Love it! So cute! And very uplifting!