Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buffalo Business!

The American Bison, also referred to as the Buffalo, is the largest of the North American land animals. Measuring twelve feet long & six feet high, this majestic creature has few natural predators, besides the grizzly, cougar, timber wolf, & man. The male weighs as much as 2000 lbs., & the female about 1000 lbs.! Surprisingly, they are both able to gallop at a pace of up to forty miles per hour!

Don't Buffalo me! Where's the Beef? I bet ewe I can outrun ewe!

The Native American Plains Indians hunted Buffalo for survival. Killing a bison was the equivalent of going to a General store!Besides providing food, the buffalo also provided a variety of tools, weapons, clothing, shelter, footwear, blankets,& eating utensils. Plains Indians wasted nothing and used every part of the animal.

I hate to be nosey, but who does ewer hair?

The Bison struggle with poor eyesight & are easily startled, which contribute to a lack of alertness. Webster defines Alertness as: watchfulness and readiness; lively attentiveness. Indians used these weaknesses to their advantage while hunting them. They  positioned braves stealthily around the herd. At the right moment, the braves would let out a frightening scream.The startled herd then stampedes wildly,  very often either into a group of awaiting hunters, or a cliff, where they would, unknowingly, fall to their deaths.

Let's face it!Ewe wish ewe looked this Good!

EWE can't sit, oh, Ewe can't sit down! Ewe have to Move, Move, around & around!

Sheep are similar to the buffalo, in that they are easily startled &
not always alert to impending danger! They need to rely on their 
Shepherd to be alert for them.
Ewe know we look up to EWE! We owe EWE our lives!
The life Ewe live today is not meant to be lived alone! Ewe have a Shepherd who is very alert to both the dangers & possibilities this day holds. Enjoy His Care!
"The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run into it, and is safe."Ps.18:10

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