Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Shepherds that are real leaders must initiate most of what occurs in the life of a sheep. What the sheep will eat, where they will sleep, & what they will drink is all initiated & planned by the Shepherd!

Ewe Know I have no sense of direction! I'm Lost without Ewe!

The 1913 Webster dictionary defined Initiative as follows: Character Trait manifested in a readiness & ability to initiate action; an enterprising spirit; a go getting attitude; energy & drive; & get-up-and-go. A Shepherd possessing this character trait will tremendously benefit the life of the sheep!

Shepherding is not for the "Couch Potatoes"!

In the world of nature, Initiative can be observed in the life of the
 Raccoon. A Raccoon displays initiative in its desire to explore the world around it by investigating everything that sparks its insatiable curiosity!

I was just curious.Do ewe have any "Will work for Food" signs?

Raccoons are famous for eating out of trash cans. They are able to open lids, gates, & cabinets rather easily! They catch crawfish  by allowing it to pinch its finger  in the water. With one sweep the raccoon pulls it from the water into its mouth.Now that's Initiative! It also catches clams in a similar fashion,only needing to use its teeth to force the clam open.

Curiosity killed the cat but I'm still here! Show a little Initiative!

Shepherds that take the proper Initiative find that they lead more content sheep! The flocks can rest, knowing that their Shepherds "Have their Backs"! 

 LIFE under the care of my Shepherd really "LIGHTENS" my load!

As Ewe face ewe-r day & all that it holds, recall the "Love"
"Initiative of the Good Shepherd! Coming to earth to die for Ewe & me is Good News that should put a smile on Ewe-r face!

"In this is love, not that we loved God, but that  He loved us and sent His Son..." 1 John 4:10


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    1. Thanks Wes for the encouragement! I'm so blessed that it spoke to ewe,brother!I saw Jessica this past week & she looks Great! What a blessing she is to Kerry!Thanks for commenting & I hope to see Ewe soon! Come on down!We would love to see ewe & we have plenty of room!God Bless EWE!