Thursday, October 4, 2012

Determination Pays Off

Shepherds, due to the overwhelming demands of sheepherding, must possess the character trait of determination. Shepherds must doggedly pursue their sheep to guarantee their safety, health, & general well being. Shepherds must pursue sheep, in the same way  Detective Columbo, pursued answers that would solve his case on television!

I have a few Questions for EWE!

Bleat! Bleat !Bleat! Catch us if ewe can!

Shepherds have many obstacles to overcome in caring for their
sheep. They must monitor the sheep's health, genetics, & safety
The Canadian sheep farmer, below, almost lost her farm, while determined to preserve the "Shropshire sheep" bloodline in a battle with a government agency.

Montana thinks Ewe are worth it!

Where did Ewe get Ewer GENES?

Determination can be seen in the world of nature in the King Salmon. There are numerous obstacles to overcome in order to reach the spawning ground of its birth. It must swim upstream, jump up to 15 ft. waterfalls, & swim by fishermen, predatory birds, & bears. Determination & instinct drives it  to complete its  journey, where it will lay its eggs & die.

Life is sure an "Uphill" struggle!

I get the next salmon that swims by! "Oh Yeah!" "We'll see about that!"

The Good Shepherd went to great lengths to ensure the safety of His sheep! He was determined to go to the cross, no matter what obstacles He had to endure. Allow that thought to comfort & encourage Ewe today!

 "Greater love has no man than this, than he lay down his life for his friend."Jn.15:13

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