Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snake, Rattle, & Roll!

The Massasauga Rattlesnake is a very shy & non-aggressive snake. It is content making every effort to avoid confrontation. It dwells mostly near the shores of swamps, marshes, ponds, streams & lakes of  mid-western North America. Escaping into rocks & using camouflage help it to live at peace in its environment.

That's right. I'm looking at EWE! "Don't Tread on Me!"
The Massasauga has a very powerful, yet slow-acting venom.It is content only using it in an extreme situation! Venom is primarily saved tor prey, such as rabbits, rats, & large birds. 

I'm thinking that ewe might reconsider ewe-r decision to come any closer!
Sheep are also very mild-mannered & will avoid conflict if at all possible. The minute they sense danger, they will attempt to escape, frantically avoiding the intruder.
I herd a coyote! Let's get out of Dodge while the Gettin's Good!

Shepherds understand the nature of sheep & attempt to calm them with their physical presence. Sheep tend to be much more at peace, & content, when their Shepherd is nearby!

Ewe know ewe are safe when ewe-r Shepherd is here!
As Ewe live life today, seek the quiet contentment that only comes from the Good Shepherd's soothing presence! 
"Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way..."2Thes.3:16


  1. I feel calmer already just reading this. Thank EWE!

    1. I'm so happy Ewe feel calmer Anonymous!I'm glad the Lord was able to bring Ewe a little Peace via the Blog!He so desires to build up His Body. Thank Ewe for sharing & I pray God continues to Bless EWE!

  2. "Hissterical!!!
    Loved it!

    1. Thank Ewe Jenny for Ewer "Fang"tastic encouragement! Ewe are truly a very clever Blogger with A "rattle"-ing personality! God Bless Ewe & Thanks for commenting!