Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gumby +Deer = Flexibility

 White-tailed Deer in the late 1800's had dropped from fifty million to near extinction!Public outcry saved the animal & now there are approximately eight million in the enjoy! Deer are very flexible, ready & alert to change plans & either hide or bolt on a moment's notice!

Do ewe know how much a "Buck"is worth these days?
There are over thirty times that deer are referred to in the Bible.The terms roe,hart,roe buck, hind, & fallow deer are all terms the Bible uses.Tame deer are a picture of loyalty, contentment, affection, & grace! Mothers take precautions with their fawns by thoroughly bathing their newborns with their tongue!This eliminates any scent that may betray its presence.The mother will lead the fawn to a place of safety when it's able to walk. The fawn will lay motionless,learning the art of camouflage,blending its spotted body with the surroundings.

I'm a "Spot-on"favorite for Fawn of the Year! I can use the Doe! 
Deer are surefooted,leaping over difficult barriers & lifting their white tails high to signal danger.They live in a constant state of readiness,flexible to change plans on a dime!

The "Tail of the tape" says that when danger appears,"High-Tail" it out of there!
Sheep operate in much the same way as deer. When sheep sense any danger,all it takes is a few sheep to start running & the whole herd frantically follows.It takes the flexibility of the Shepherd to drop everything , take care of the threat, & restore order to the "frazzled" herd.Flexibility is defined by Webster as:adjustable to change;capable of modification.Shepherds must possess flexibility!

Ewe better hurry! Ewe never know what's chasing us!I just know it's hungry!

As Ewe go through ewe-r day,remember that ewe-r Good Shepherd is prepared to assist Ewe at just the right time! Walk securely as Ewe relish that thought today!

"As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You,O God."Ps.42:1

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