Monday, October 8, 2012

Response - Ability!

Shepherds  need to be responsible in leading their sheep to graze in pastures that are lush with green grass. They lead their flocks to eating places that create healthy sheep. which is one reason sheep must be on the move.

EWE know I eat good!

Ewe know that I'm a real "SUCKER" for these meals.
This Bethlehem Shepherd is responsibly guarding these sheep as they graze. He has a rod in his hand to ward off dangerous predators. Shepherds spend long hours with their sheep making sure they are healthy and safe.

"Lean on me, when ewe are weak. I'll help ewe carry on!"

My Rod & Staff are ready to PROTECT my flock!

   Responsibility is a character trait required for any serious Shepherd! The Webster 1913 dictionary defines Responsibility as: The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable, as for a trust, debt, or obligation. In the world of nature , Responsibility can be observed in the life of the  Great Horned Owl.

Responsibility is the "ability" to "respond" properly! 

The Great Horned Owl demonstrates responsibility in adjusting her schedule around the needs of her chicks. It builds its nest in the colder months at great personal sacrifice in order to incubate the eggs responsibly.

I'm a Responsible Mother! Child care is just too expensive!

The Responsible mother will go for over 2 months, during freezing temperatures, with very little food to eat to ensure that the eggs  have the best chance of survival! Afterwards, when the arrival of her chicks is secure ,the snow on the ground actually allows the owl greater hunting opportunities, enabling it to spot small prey easily. 
When it comes to hunting, my big eyes Rule!

Sheep rest easier, knowing that they have a  "RESPONSIBLE" Shepherd, who is looking out for them & leading them to the best eating places in the area.

Do I look like I'm worried? My Shepherd has "Got my Back"!

Ewe have a "Responsible" Shepherd on the job 24/7! Take comfort in His ability to care for Ewe, as Ewe travel with Him today!

"My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me" John 10:27

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