Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sacrifice for Ewe?

Shepherds sacrifice on behalf of sheep, mainly because they understand how much sheep need them.

Ewe hang onto the bars & let me drive!

Self-sacrifice is a  quality of the Shepherd that enables him to sustain much hardship in caring for the flock. Staying up all night & watching over the flock is not uncommon for a conscientious Shepherd. 
Ewe rest my precious lambs.Morning comes early. 
Self-sacrifice is a quality that also can be observed in the world of nature in the life of the Emperor Penguin.The male penguin is
charged  with the dubious task of incubating the family eggIt 
shelters the egg under a flap of skin by it's feet. 

EGG -cellent Location! We don't want to see ewe go down in defeat!


I Knew Ewe would make it!

The male penguin huddles together with hundreds of other males in freezing temperatures as low as 76 degrees  below zero. They endure these harsh conditions for over 2 months to ensure the safety of their offspring! 
 Somehow huddling in football was much easier!
The male sacrifices all other activity for the sake of the egg! He goes without food for  65 days until the  egg hatches,ensuring the chick's safety.He clearly understands that if the egg dropped to the ice, it would freeze within 2 minutes
Tell me what ewe think. Am I worth it?. 
The Good Shepherd  demonstrates the ultimate  example of self- sacrifice for His Sheep! Meditate on that today if Ewe-r tempted to doubt His Love. Blessings!
"Greater love has no man than this, that a man  lay down His life for His Friends."Jn.15:13

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