Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loyalty Lifts Ewe!

Shepherds display a loyalty toward their flock that enables them to bond readily & possess an attachment that is not easily broken.

He Loves Ewe, He loves Ewe not!

Ewe Know I love EWE!
 Shepherd's loyalty will motivate the Shepherd to lead, feed, & protect  the flock, very often at the risk of their own personal safety.Wolves,coyotes, & cougars are all on the prowl near the flock,waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The spin stops here cause I'm looking out for EWE! 

Lamb &"Little Red Riding Hood"! Delicious!

Webster defines Loyal as: faithful to those persons, ideals, etc. that one is under obligation to defend, support, or be true to. This quality can be seen in the world of nature in the Grizzly Bear!

Don't Ewe Dare go near my cubs!
EWE need to Stick closer to me than peanut butter does to jelly!
Ewe don't want to try & get between a mother Grizzly & her cubs!She will make Ewe pay or go to her death trying!The Bible speaks of this Loyalty in Prov.17:12 "Let a bear robbed of her cubs meet a man rather than a fool in his folly."

 I root for The Cubs! Any Questions?
Our MOMMY is bigger than Ewer Mommy & has a "GRIZZLY" temper!

The Loyalty a Shepherd demonstrates for his sheep is just a reflection of what the Good Shepherd displays toward His flock.Know that Ewe are loved both Royally & Loyally! Travel Securely!

"Though the mountains be shaken & the hills be removed,yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed..."
Is. 54:10

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