Sunday, September 9, 2012

Butting Heads!

So Ewe think I LOOK ANGRY?

I Know this might Surprise Ewe, but Sheep sometimes have difficulty Getting Along!  Like other animal societies establish order, Sheep also have a "Butting Order" within their Sheepfolds!

One Ewe, (usually bossy & domineering), will sometimes rule a small flock. She does so by Driving & Butting away the Competition from the best Eating Places & Sleeping Areas. 

As a Result, Sheep under her rule begin to lose Sleep & eventually, their Appetites!

Do EWE got a Problem with me?

Butting & Thrusting their way for the TOP Spots, they Fight Fiercely!!
Watch it! I'm not Kidding! Butt Out!

In case Ewe are Wondering, I'm NOT from St. Louis & I Don't Drive a Truck!
This "In-fighting" causes a tremendous amount of Friction in the flock. This continuous tension, jealousy, & conflict causes the sheep to become very agitated!
Watch It, Pal! This is SO Irritating! Move over, Rover! Ewe are getting on my Nerves!

Don't mind the Dog! Follow me! We'll find a place "AWAY" from the CHAOS!!
When Things Look Hopeless, The Shepherd appears. His Presence Restores Calm to the FlockHis Rod & Staff  bring Justice to the "Guilty Agitators,"& Peace is once again Restored!  
"For YOU are with me, Your Rod & Your Staff, they Comfort Me." Ps. 23:4

 As  EWE travel  today, Keep your Eyes on Your Shepherdthe Prince of Peace, & allow His Presence to Calm your Heart! 

 Happy Trails!

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You." 
Isaiah 26:3


  1. Another good one! Good thing I never BUTT HEADS with anybody, eh??? LOL I still can't believe you get this stuff posted at 5am!! YIKES!

    1. Thanks Again for all the Moral Support! Sheep have Amazing Lessons for All of us! God Bless EWE as The Good Shepherd Continues to Love & Watch Over EWE!