Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Runaway Sheep!

Sheep are sometimes dissatisfied with the boundaries set for them by the Shepherd. They decide to explore "life" outside the sheepfold.

Follow me! Let's split this scene while we have the chance!

My bags are packed & I'm Ready to GO!

This apparent "new found" freedom can present a whole new set of challenges for the runaway.  Food & friends may suddenly be in short supply!

"Lonely. I'm Mr. Lonely!...Letter, Never a Letter!"

This looks really BAA..D!
Sheep are CAPABLE of doing a great deal of harm to themselves
outside the Shepherd's care! They are subject to bugs, thorns, & thistles, all of which attach to their wool.

I was a Wild  "EWE-TH" &  ran away at age 6! "I'm Baaa...d,I'm Baaa...d, I'm Baaa...d!"

Sheep also come to realize that outside of the Shepherd's protection, the world can be a dangerous place! Predators, rock slides, & avalanches are only a few of the difficulties they may encounter!

If  EWE are going to run away, Ewe need Protection!

Is there anybody out there? I could EWE-USE some HELP!
The Good News is that they have a Shepherd who is aware that they are missing! He seeks to return the runaway to the fold, even if He has to carry him home. 

I'm so happy I found EWE! Let me take care of Ewe!
As Ewe face whatever the day may hold, Enjoy the path the Shepherd has put before EWE.
Happy Trails!  

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and Lean not on your own understanding;In all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will direct your path."
Proverbs 3:5,6


  1. great reminder to stay as close to the shepherd as we can :)

    1. Hi Belen! I'm glad Ewe were encouraged today! I'm also reminded that in His Care is the best place to be! God Bless EWE!(Thanks for commenting!)

  2. A lonely and perilous detour from the flock--why does it look so attractive? I think it is attractive only at a distance; up close "ewe" see the scary details ewe overlooked. "The devil is in the details," as they say. Best to stick close to the shepherd's side, safe and secure, provided for and loved.

    1. Hi Mary Ellen! EWE have such great insight into today's Blog! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! God Bless Ewe as Ewe travel close to His side. (Keep commenting as the Lord leads)

  3. Is it OK to use some of your pictures for my sermon: Living Rocks and Stumbling Blocks? Matthew 18:10 - 14

  4. I guess I saw this after the fact, but EWE are welcome to use anything of mine that will help build up the Flock!Enjoy & God Bless EWE!