Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's Bugging EWE?

Higher Ground
Lush pasture, cool streams, cool weather, What more could EWE ask for?
At the advent of Summer, the Shepherd leads His Sheep to "Higher" Ground. The High Tablelands are an excellent source of food & refreshment from the summer heat.

Did Ewe see the movie "The Fly?" It's coming to a pasture near EWE

 Fly Time
Summertime is known as "Fly Time." Deer flies, Black flies, Heel Flies,Warble flies, & the Dreaded NASAL flies torment Sheep and make them miserable!


 Nasal Flies Burrow into the nose of the Sheep & Drive them Bonkers! Sheep even beat their heads against trees to get some Relief!

Anyone have some Nasal Spray?Are EWE Sure?
This is Baaa..d! Get the Picture?

Ewe Think Ewe have Troubles?

The Shepherd knows just what to do, and begins to apply a soothing mixture of  OIL, tar, & sulfur.

I Feel Good! How do EWE Spell Relief? J-E-S-U-S

The HEALING PROCESS has begun.

Whatever Bugs EWE today, allow the Good Shepherd to Apply His Perfect Solution and Let the healing begin! 

Travel Light!

"Thou Annointest my head with Oil, My cup runneth over."
Psalm 23:5


  1. Love it!!!
    U r on a ROLL!!!

    1. Amen Sister! EWE Preach it & I'll turn the Pages!God Bless EWE!

  2. I used to think I had troubles..but after looking at these sheep, I realize I do not have troubles anymore!

    1. That's Right, Abby!All EWE Need is JESUS & The OIL of His Holy Spirit! God Bless EWE & Thanks for Commenting!

  3. I love abby's commments!

    1. I Loved it Too! God Bless EWE! Keep Commenting as the Lord Leads!

  4. Probably my favorites out of all of them were "Sheep Counting Calories", "The Fly", and the nasal spray! There are a lot of good jokes in there!

    1. Thank EWE my little Lamb Chop! I'm so happy that this blog didn't Bug EWE, but actually "Lightened-up EWE-R Day! God Bless EWE Alan as EWE Look to EWE-R Shepherd Today! Love EWE!Keep Commenting!

  5. That was actually from Alan!!!