Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Takes all Types!

Journey through life, & Ewe will be sure to encounter a smorgasbord of "Personality" types.  

Ewe can give me the "BAAAD" NEWS,! I'm all EARS!

The"Black Sheep," known for their tendency to rebel, are the first to object, argue, refuse, and are often seen running in the opposite direction of the rest of the flock.

"Did Ewe see the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause?"

The "cool cats" ward off intimacy and criticism by attempting to impress the flock with their superiority. 
"Are ewe feeling Lucky? Go ahead & Make my Day!"
The "Fiercely Independent" can "take or leave" the rest of the herd, and prefer to "go it alone" whenever possible. They keep others at a distance by projecting the image that they are doing perfectly fine on their own.  

One is not the loneliest number! Have ewe heard my favorite song, "I Did it My Way?"

 The "Class Clowns" use humor to avoid conflict and are masters at deflecting "serious talk" by keeping things light at all times. They provide the flock with plenty of laughs and entertainment.

Lighten Up! When ewe smile, the whole world smiles with ewe!

The "Intellectual" is constantly seeking more knowledge and is passionate about educating EWE about things EWE didn't think EWE needed to know. When in doubt, ask the expert!

Here's a News Flash!My brain's smarter than Ewe-r brain!

  Finally, Ewe have the, "Image Is Everything" type. Always hip and trendy, they tend to gravitate toward impressing others with "things" and rarely expose what lies beneath the surface. Outward appearance is everything!

No, this wasn't accidental. Haven't EWE 'herd'? 'Color mismatching' is all the rage this Fall.

Whatever personality types are in Ewer midst, it's best to remember that we are all still Sheep in need of a Shepherd!

Keep it simple! I just want to be a sheep,"Baaah, Baaaah!"

The Good Shepherd created all types of Sheep. We all need Him and each other. Look to Him & rejoice, as He guides & directs Ewe today!

"Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another."
Romans 12:10